Students, Teachers Benefit from Sun Java Desktop System for Education

1/22/2004 - Delivering on its commitment to provide schools an alternative to expensive and complex computing solutions, Sun Microsystems, Inc. (Nasdaq: SUNW) announced the roll out of the Sun Java Desktop System to the K-12 and higher education market. The Java Desktop System for Education is an affordable, comprehensive, simple to use and secure enterprise-class desktop solution. It introduces a business model to education institutions that provides a single price of $25 per desktop per year for the desktop software, maintenance, support and training. The competitive pricing for the education market represents a dramatic savings compared to Window-centric clients.

The Java Desktop System provides a complete desktop environment of productivity tools for students, which includes an office suite, Web browser, e-mail, calendar, instant messaging and more. In addition, Java Desktop System is the only environment with fully integrated Java technology, making this "out-of-the-box" desktop ready to run thousands of Java technology-based applications with a consistent look and feel. The introduction of the Java Desktop System to the education market builds on Sun's earlier delivery of the Sun Java Enterprise System to education institutions. Java Enterprise System is Sun's radical new approach to reducing cost and complexity of IT infrastructure software by making it simple, predictable and affordable. It provides all the necessary software components and network services fully integrated as one entity at a price of $50 per full-time faculty member and administrative employee per year. With the compelling joint alternatives of Java Desktop System and Java Enterprise System, Sun is forever changing the education landscape with Web infrastructure and desktop solutions based on the Java Enterprise architecture.

Sun's Java computing alternative comes at a time when the education market continues to be faced with tightening budgets and is feeling the pressure of being tasked with providing the latest, most secure technologies to support academic and research excellence. With Sun's Java computing alternative, the education market is now able to deploy affordable and scalable systems on Sun's newest technology at extremely affordable prices.

"Sun's Java Desktop System is the best choice for education institutions looking for an alternative desktop system that will lower costs, reduce the complexities of desktop management, is less prone to viruses and worms, and needs software and support that can scale to the institution's needs," said Kim Jones, vice president of Global Education and Research at Sun Microsystems. "Open alternatives on the desktop are the wave of the future and Sun has an extremely attractive offer with Java Desktop System that K-12 and higher education institutions can deploy today."

The Java Desktop System is available for purchase today. Contact your local Sun sales representative, Sun reseller or visit us on the Web at and click on "Get the Software."

The Java Desktop System
Sun Java Desktop System is a comprehensive, secure, highly affordable enterprise desktop solution that is simple to use and works with existing infrastructure. The software consists of a fully integrated client environment based on open source and standards including a GNOME desktop environment, StarOffice productivity suite, Mozilla browser, Evolution e-mail and calendar client, Java 2 Standard Edition, and a Linux operating system. Future releases of Java Desktop System are planned to support workstations and Sun Ray thin clients running the Solaris Operating Environment.

The Java Enterprise System
The Java Enterprise System is a radical new approach for synchronizing IT investment with business priorities. It delivers value through three innovative elements. First, a new integrated, open, standards-based software system that delivers a core set of industry-leading enterprise network services: network identity; portal; communications and collaboration; application and web; availability; and security services. Second, a new development, test, delivery, and servicing approach enabling improved planning of software, services and resources to meet business needs. Lastly, a new business model that provides a single subscription and price for the software system, maintenance, support, consulting, and education services.

The Sun Java Enterprise System is a consolidation of Sun's entire network services architecture, priced at $50 per full-time faculty member and administrative employee per year, with infinite right to use in Internet applications. Comprehensive new capabilities for the education market include identity and directory services; portal, communications and security services and an integrated Java Web services platform.

StarOffice in Education
The StarOffice donations to education institutions are part of Sun Microsystems promise to help equip students and teachers worldwide with access to the Internet and open source technology. To-date, Sun has given free StarOffice licensing to nearly 138,000 school districts, higher education institutions and Ministries of Education, in 19 countries, reaching millions of students around the globe. In total, these donations are estimated to be valued at more than $7 billion USD.

Sun recently released StarOffice 7 Productivity Suite for the education industry, an open-source based, full-featured office productivity suite that runs on the Solaris Operating Environment, Windows and Linux and is compatible with Microsoft Office file formats. The StarOffice Suite has a simple, easy-to-use interface and contains word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, drawing and database capabilities. Its major feature enhancements will increase the productivity of students, faculty and staff. Features such as exporting to Adobe PDF will enable users to exchange documents easily and Flash capability would allow to enhance the quality of presentations.

Additionally, Sun's major strides in Microsoft interoperability will allow the education community to leverage the volumes of content that exists today. And with StarOffice available to the education community at zero cost, software costs are dramatically reduced.

About Sun Microsystems, Inc.
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