ADS's RISC-based Bitsy Plus Powers Advanced Embedded Parking Systems

1/22/2004 - 8D Technologies, Inc. has developed an advanced embedded unit conceived for simple and quick integration into different types of point-of-sale terminals, including parking machines, powered on Applied Data Systems (ADS)'s Bitsy Plus product. The terminals are equipped with the 8D ECOTM transactional module, a proprietary technology, which allows for secure electronic payment in real time via wireless communication. As well, thanks to 8D ECO's advanced power management capacities, the solar powered terminals are also totally autonomous from the power grid. The SCSM (Societe en commandite Stationnement de Montreal) which manages metered parking for the City of Montreal, began installing the parking terminals equipped with 8D ECO units in downtown Montreal in December 2003.

"The 8D ECO transactional module blends wireless communication technology with real-time credit card payment systems," said Fred Salloum, Director of Marketing for ADS. "8D has taken the advanced communication and power management capabilities of ADS' product and created a truly innovative interactive embedded product running on Linux."

Pay & Go Concept
With the 8D ECO technology, a driver parks his automobile in any available space, notes the number of the space, and goes to the terminal to pay for the required time. He can then walk away with the stub with no need to return to display it on the vehicle. As art of the 8D ECO solution, parking officers are instantly provided with the payment status of all surrounding parking spaces through a RISC-based handheld computer accessing the system by wireless communication.

The 8D ECO system is developed on ADS' Bitsy Plus, a RISC-based product which is known for its power management capabilities. The Bitsy Plus has one of the most comprehensive menus of IO capabilities available on such a small form factor, including USB host and client, 3 serial ports, stereo audio, PCMCIA, and ADSmartIOTM. Its low power-draw features are enhanced through power partitioning. Further, the ADS products have gone through ruggedization testing, and are capable of withstanding extreme temperature conditions. Since the 8D ECO system is installed in outdoor sites, that may be in a range of extreme temperatures with rough handling, it was important that the 8D parking module be powered by such a strong embedded computer system.

"We have reviewed a number of embedded OS before developing this application and felt that Linux was uniquely positioned to support a wide range of hardware components," said Isabelle Bettez, president and CEO of 8D. "Linux is also very powerful, stable, open and extremely flexible. It allows us to work with existing applications available on the market (such as Sun Java virtual machine and others)."

"We selected ADS Bitsy Plus because it has such a small form factor combined with strong power management capabilities," said Isabelle Bettez. "The Bitsy had many features we wanted for our application such as being able to add external boards, having extensive RAM and flash, and having the audio video USB standard. Additionally, ADS provides a high level of Linux support."

8D's ECO innovative parking systems were installed in Montreal in fall 2003. The company's transactional modules can be used in new or existing parking machines, or in an unlimited number of automated point-of-sale terminals that require diversified modes of payment and real-time wireless communication. 8D is an expert in developing server-side applications and embedded systems for wireless, e-commerce, automotive, and other markets.

About 8D Technologies Inc.
8D Technologies is a private company that offers distinctly innovative and creative professional products and services using several technological platforms, including Java, TCP/IP, Linux/Unix and wireless. As well, 8D Technologies develops state-of-the-art software, with internationally recognized expertise in the design and implementation of distributed online applications and embedded systems for the e-commerce, wireless (cellular, PDA), consumer automotive and other emerging markets. 8D also commercializes the 8D ECOTM solution, an embedded unit designed to be integrated to payment machines, allowing for real-time wireless payment, as well as the remote control and management of terminals and their sensors in both wired and wireless environments. For more information about 8D Technologies and its products and services, please visit

About Applied Data Systems
Applied Data Systems (ADS) designs and manufactures RISC-based embedded single board computers for application-ready solutions. Featuring numerous OS options, including Windows CE and CE.NET, embedded Linux, QNX and JVM options, the ADS product line is used in applications as diverse as industrial automation, GPS, fleet management, and POS/kiosk. For more information about ADS products and services, please visit or call 301.490.4007.

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