Customers Across Key Industries Simplify Network Computing with Sun

1/22/2004 - Sun Microsystems, Inc. (NASDAQ: SUNW), the leading provider of technologies that make the net work, continues to deliver competitive advantage to its customers. Hundreds of customers across the globe have chosen Sun in the last 90 days and today Sun highlighted over 20 organizations partnering with Sun to reduce costs and simplify their network computing environments. From major retailers such as Office Depot, to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia National Guard Health System, to public service groups like the American Red Cross, to the planet's largest financial and telecommunications firms such as Fortis Bank and SaskTel, organizations throughout the world and across numerous industries are benefiting from Sun's open, secure and affordable systems.

"The innovative pricing and integrated technology of Sun's Java Enterprise System software, low-cost and high-performance hardware, and industry-leading services are all disrupting the status quo. Sun is leveraging high-volume shipments and economies of scale to pass along these savings to our customers," said Mark Tolliver, chief strategy officer, Sun Microsystems, Inc. "Sun is a long-term company. And these innovations are part of our long-term strategy to reduce cost and complexity, accelerate the delivery of new services, and unleash mobility with security to help our customers achieve sustained business advantages."

"We need to drive revenue through our online services," said Craig Neeb, Chief Information Officer, International Speedway Corporation Motorsports, "and we needed an end-to-end infrastructure to deliver that. One that would meet our technical and price/performance requirements, and one that would scale to support our business-critical applications. We have it. Sun's leading edge Sun Fire, Java Enterprise System, Sun Cluster and Sun StorEdge products, solutions and commitment to service have enabled us to increase online Web services, decrease system management costs, and tripled our system performance."

"Since the implementation of Sun StorEdge 9980, Transplace's application and database performance has increased 34 percent," said Corey Brune, Datacenter Manager at Transplace. "The data migration to Sun was implemented flawlessly. Sun has proven itself to be an expert resource and was essential in our data migration."

Breaking new ground on price, security and interoperability, the hundreds of customers purchasing new Sun software, hardware, and services include:

The American Red Cross
The American Red Cross turned to Sun for assistance in designing and implementing a next-generation solution for managing its blood bank. Through a Center of Excellence focused on the Sun Java System software platform and J2EE and XML technologies, consultants from Sun[sm] Services have been working with American Red Cross" IT Team to design and implement an open standards-based architecture that includes integration with legacy back-end systems and data as well as network identity management services. The underlying platform architecture for the application services will consist of Sun Fire V880, V480, 280R and V120 servers running the Solaris 8 Operating Environment, which will include Sun Cluster 3.0 for high availability clustering in select services' tiers. The American Red Cross is also tapping Sun Services for skill assessments, training and certification and will have a SunSpectrum[sm] Platinum agreement to help sustain high availability and reliability.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association Massachusetts
Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association Massachusetts - the largest health insurer in Massachusetts, providing healthcare coverage to more than 2.5 million members - has purchased and plans to deploy Sun's Java Enterprise System. Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association Massachusetts is planning to migrate its existing identity management software to Sun's Java System Identity Server through Sun's services organization; immediately begin using Java System Identity Server for secure, integrated Web access management, delegated administration, self service and federated identity management; and implement Java Enterprise System to more than 3,300 users on over 100 systems throughout its enterprise. As a result, Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association Massachusetts anticipates significant savings over the next 18 months through the implementation of Java Enterprise System.

BT is one of Europe's leading providers of telecommunications services. In the UK, BT serves over 20 million corporate and residential customers with more than 29 million exchange lines, as well as providing network services to other licensed operators. Sun was awarded a 10-year contract by BT as part of the National Program for IT within the UK's National Health Service. As part of this program, prime-contracted by BT, Sun will be providing the software - primarily Sun's Java System, services, and Sun Fire and storage systems to enable a nationally accessible patient record database and transactional messaging service. Sun's Java Directory, Portal and Application Server software will join existing Sun messaging technology deployed within the NHS e-mail system.

Caveo Technology Group
Caveo Technology Group, a leading provider of integrated security solutions, introduced "AccessAnywhere," the first fully integrated, end-to-end security appliance for simplifying and securing remote access to any Web, client/server and non Web-enabled legacy application from a standard Web browser. Caveo has the unique advantage over its competitors of leveraging Sun's 22 years of UNIX[R] leadership and experience in building scalable, reliable and safe network computing infrastructures. The AccessAnywhere appliance integrates Sun's patented "VPN-on-demand" SSL VPN technology from Sun's Java System Portal Server, Secure Remote Access and technologies from other trusted partners. All of these best-of-breed software products are integrated on top of the Solaris operating system, based on the Sun Fire V210 platform.

China Unicom
China Unicom is a state-owned corporation dedicated to bringing into play the potential resources of China's existing private telecommunication networks, building its own telecommunication network and accelerating the development of China's telecommunication industry. China Unicom turned to Sun for technology and expertise to assist in the development and deployment of its WAP solution.

Chunghwa Telecom-DCI
Chunghwa Telecom-DCI turned to Sun for assistance in developing a rock-solid platform for Java web services and e-mail hosting. This secure, scaleable platform is powered by Sun's workgroup and enterprise servers and Sun StorEdge storage arrays.

Commonwealth of Virginia Department of Health
The Commonwealth of Virginia Department of Health turned to Sun for assistance in migrating its communications platform to Sun's Java System platform. Sun Services provided assistance with architecture design, overarching project management and implementation. The communications platform, which delivers services to more than 5,000 State employees and contractors, is powered by Sun's Java System Messaging Server, Java System Directory Server and Java System Calendar Server residing on two Sun Fire V480 servers running the Solaris 9 Operating System connected to two Sun StorEdge 3510 FC arrays configured in a storage area network (SAN). Both the server and storage platforms are in a high availability cluster using Sun Cluster 3.1 software. Backup and restore operations are powered by Sun StorEdge Availability Suite and Sun Solstice Backup. To help the Department of Health manage the new data center environment to quality-of-service requirements, Sun Services delivered skill assessments and training. The Department of Health also has a SunSpectrum Platinum agreement.

DaimlerChrysler Consult Graz
DaimlerChrysler Consult Graz of Austria offers IT services from its Graz-based data center to DaimlerChrysler AG worldwide. As the IT-department has been growing constantly in recent years, DaimlerChrysler Consult Graz decided to extend the IT operations and the service offering portfolio to new customers both inside and outside the company. Doing so meant additional investments in facilities, human resources, hardware and software as well as a comprehensive IT-focused reorganization of the whole Austria-based company. Sun assigned a Managed Services team to assist in the reorganization of the internal processes. Starting with a datacenter assessment, Sun Services designed ITIL framework-based processes, defined new roles within the operations team at DaimlerChrysler Consult Graz and implemented with the customer new service support and delivery processes. As a result of this engagement, DaimlerChrysler Consult Graz saw improvements in efficiency through streamlined operations as well as a reduction in operation cost.

Fortis Bank
The largest banking and insurance company in Belgium continues to leverage its strategic relationship with Sun. Fortis Bank purchased two new Sun Fire 15K servers running the Solaris Operating System that will replace two Sun Enterprise 4500 servers and two Sun Ultra 4000 servers powering its B2B payment services; two Sun Enterprise 3500 servers powering its Mailhub service; two Sun Enterprise 3500 servers powering its IP Management system; and a Sun Fire V880 server powering its content management applications. Sun Services will assist with the consolidation effort and will deliver ongoing support through a SunSpectrum Platinum agreement.

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia National Guard Health System
The Saudi Arabian National Guard (SANG) is the elite section of the Saudi military forces, directly reporting to the Crown Prince, Prince Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, the King's brother. SANG forces are well equipped, highly trained and frequently import international defense contractors that have their own dedicated healthcare facilities and IT technology. Vinnell, a U.S.-based contractor, migrated to Sun Rays away from their previous Microsoft-based PC strategy and also moved from Microsoft Office to Sun's StarOffice, now that the Sun product is Arabic enabled. 1,500 Sun Ray thin client desktop systems and 4,000 StarOffice licenses have been deployed, running on a Sun base including a Sun Fire 12K server, Sun StorEdge L180 and 3960 storage arrays, and over 40 workgroup servers.

Kodak Polychrome Graphics
Kodak Polychrome Graphics (KPG) - based in Norwalk, CT, and a leading provider of digital, conventional and business solutions to the graphic arts industry - looked to Sun for assistance in architecting and implementing an SAP infrastructure to run its financial and inventory management. The SAP solution is based on clustered Sun Fire V1280 and V480 servers and a Sun StorEdge 9970 array running Solaris 8 Operating Environment and Sun StorEdge ShadowImage software. In addition, for its test environment, KPG is running a Sun Fire V880 server and a Sun StorEdge 3310 array. The solution is supported by a SunSpectrum Platinum support agreement. Released to production in November 2003, the SAP solution is supporting 660 active users, has a response time of less than 250 milliseconds and offline backup of less than 3 minutes, and is currently achieving 100 percent availability. KPG ( was formed in 1998 as a joint venture by Eastman Kodak Company and Sun Chemical.

Industry and Commercial Bank of China
Industry and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) is the largest state-owned commercial bank in China. ICBC partnered with Sun in an aggressive effort to reduce costs and complexity throughout its IT organization. Leveraging Sun's expertise and low-cost offerings, ICBC successfully completed a major server consolidation effort.

Infineon Technologies AG
Infineon Technologies AG is a leader in designing, developing, manufacturing and marketing a broad range of semiconductors and complete system solutions targeted at selected industries. Infineon turned to Sun for an ERP solution based on i2 Technologies software powered by two Sun Fire 6800 servers running the Solaris 8 Operating System. The solution is the largest i2 installation in the world on the Sun server platform.

International Speedway Corporation
International Speedway Corporation continues its strategic relationship with Sun investing in an end-to-end technology infrastructure that underpins their mission-critical applications and services. They refreshed their existing Sun environment implementing Sun Blade server technology to service their Web services requirements, deploying SunFire 280R, V210, V240, V880 servers, Sun StorEdge QFS software and Sun Cluster 3.0 to handle the fluctuating loads driven by their online ticketing, billing, HR, ERP, and online consumer applications. They migrated from their existing Sun Enterprise 4500 to a fully-loaded V1280 server. To meet the data challenges, Sun and ISC implemented an enterprise storage solution based on the Sun StorEdge 6320 storage product, ensuring ease of administration and the scalability to meet their growing capacity requirements and tripling performance.

Office Depot
Office Depot, one of the world's largest resellers of office products, chose Sun to deliver a network computing solution that will help Office Depot reduce costs and complexities as it standardizes its business systems on Sun systems, software and solutions. Using Sun's infrastructure technologies and technology with Sun iForce[sm] partners, Office Depot will be able to phase out a homegrown legacy application on an IBM mainframe with Retek Merchandising solution on Sun, install Manhattan Associate's Warehouse Management Solution on Sun, and roll out its first global content application on Sun. These Sun solutions are being architected and implemented by Sun Services, which has deployed several standard services-such as its SunReady Availability Assessment, Application Readiness and Data Center Readiness services-and custom services. Sun is also working with other partners, such as BMC, to help ensure a high-availability environment.

Open University
As a non-profit higher education institution, Hong Kong's Open University has a unique need for low-cost solutions that help it deliver returns to its faculty and students. Open University teamed with Sun to implement the secure and open foundation to run its PeopleSoft student administration systems, Oracle database and provide a solid failover solution.

Orange Caraibe
Wanting to enhance the security for its billing applications while ensuring business continuity during natural disasters (hurricanes and typhoons), Orange Caraibe turned to Sun for a disaster recovery solution. Sun Services performed a Sun Storage Assessment Service and worked with Orange Caraibe, providing overarching project management, architectural direction, and implementation assistance, to migrate its storage environment from an HP-based storage subsystem to one powered by a Sun StorEdge 9970 system. The solution, which includes Sun StorEdge TrueCopy and Sun StorEdge ShadowImage software, allows Orange Caraibe to replicate production data (Oracle9i databases) to a remote site (250 kilometers away) that is powered by a Sun StorEdge 9960 system. The new disaster recovery solution supports a heterogeneous server environment that includes a Sun Fire 280R server (running the Solaris 9 Operating System) that powers VERITAS Volume Manager, HP-UX servers running Oracle software, a three-node HP ServiceGuard Cluster, and one IBM AIX server.

RAG Informatik GmbH
RAG Informatik is a leading IT-services provider that specializes in SAP hosting. Wanting to lower its TCO while improving availability and scalability, RAG Informatik is migrating SAP applications from the IBM mainframe environment to the Sun Fire platform running the Solaris Operating System. The SAP hosting leader expects to reduce time for administrative and service deployment by as much as 50 percent.

In order to stay highly competitive in the communications industry, SaskTel needed a new IT solution which would allow them to expand their current Java technology. Sun's software products were able to provide SaskTel a total solution that addressed all of their Java technology business challenges. Sun's Java Enterprise System, containing Java System Calendar Server, Java System Directory Server, Java System Messaging Server, Java System Portal Server, Java System Web Server, and Java System Instant Messaging allowed them to up-level their Java technology and, more importantly, be able handle future growth with ease.

SmartTone Mobile
SmartTone Mobile, one of Hong Kong's leading wireless operators, turned to Sun for help in developing a secure platform for customer billing. Sun teamed with SmartTone Mobile and implemented a billing platform that enables streamlined capture of mobile subscriber revenue.

Switch is the ICT department of Brussels International Airport. Continuing to leverage its strategic relartionship with Sun, Switch purchased a cluster of Sun Fire 6800 servers and Sun StorEdge 6960 storage systems as part of an initial consolidation effort in its data center environment. The server and storage cluster runs applications that are mission critical. With this infrastructure the Brussels airport is able to offer higher service levels for its customers, the airlines and the airport handling companies. Switch recently decided to deploy Sun's Java System Portal Server for provisioning content in this new consolidated environment and to purchase a Sun Fire 15K server. With these new purchases, Switch also purchased SunSpectrum Gold and Java Enterprise System support agreements.

Transplace, a leading logistics supplier to shipping customers, carriers and suppliers, challenged Sun to provide an end-to-end storage consolidation and migration to support its mission-critical applications. Sun StorEdge 9980 underwent a rigorous technological evaluation and beat the performance of Transplace's existing EMC DMX storage. Sun Services provided the architecture and migration to move Transplace's business critical applications and data to the new Sun StorEdge-based solution. Sun Fire 280Rs, V240s, and V1280 servers are directly attached to the Sun StorEdge 9980 which hosts all back-end mission-critical databases and e-mail for the entire company. As a result, performance of Transplace's mission-critical applications and databases has increased 34 percent.

United Utilities
United Utilities Service Delivery (UUSD), one of three separate business units within United Utilities plc, is responsible for the management and operation of the group's licensed water, wastewater and electricity distribution network assets in North West England. As part of a major capital investment program to deliver significant infrastructure improvements and support the delivery of two business applications, Sun was chosen to help UUSD develop a highly resilient and scalable joint platform solution, designed, configured, tested and implemented through a Managed Services engagement. Sun designed a new operational environment for them that included service level management, change, configuration, problem, release, implementation and incident management. As a result of the engagement, UUSD was able to achieve the scalability to accommodate more applications and therefore achieve a much quicker return on investment. Moreover, the inherent built-in resilience of the solution provides a very strong disaster recovery capability, and a highly reliable 24x7 solution in a very economical way.

Videotron Telecom Ltd. (VTL), a subsidiary of Quebecor Media Inc., is a state-of-the-art business telecommunications provider delivering robust, high-quality services to large and medium-sized businesses, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Application Service Providers (ASPs), broadcasters and government institutions. VTL engaged with Sun in its quest to enhance the messaging service they deliver to tens of thousands of businesses. Sun's Java Enterprise System provided what VTL was looking for; access to the latest release of Sun's Java System Messaging Server, access to Worldclass support services (7 days a week, 24 hours a day), access to highly experienced resources to help them migrate the existing mission critical environment to the new Sun messaging solution and access to unlimited RTU (right to use) licensing to make growth and success of these services predictable and affordable. The Java Enterprise System financial model was very appealing to VTL. Sun and VTL are now working on a hardware replacement project for the messaging service that would see VTL obtain new high performing servers with a very cost effective impact on VTL's OPEX, simultaneously ensuring room for growth and system stability and reliability.

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