Virtual Silicon Targets 130nm Process with VIP PowerSaver Standard Cells

1/21/2004 - Virtual Silicon, Inc., announced the introduction of the VIPTM PowerSaver standard cell library, the first library supporting the creation of power islands available from a commercial IP company. The VIP PowerSaver standard cells are targeted for the TSMC 130nm process.

SoC designs, using power islands to dynamically control the voltage and frequency of the islands, can see up to a 50 percent reduction in power consumption, resulting in longer operating battery life for mobile electronics. The full tape-out kit for the VIP PowerSaver library is available on Virtual Silicon’s website ( for immediate download.

“Our power management IP has generated enormous interest from our customer base,“ said John A. Ford, vice president of marketing for Virtual Silicon. “Effective power management allows them to create greater value in their SoC designs.”

“Having already hardened several different ARM cores and other IP blocks using Virtual Silicon standard cells, ARM has first-hand knowledge of Virtual Silicon’s capability,” said John Cornish, director of product marketing at ARM. “Virtual Silicon’s Power Island-enabling IP is a key element in the proliferation of the ARM Intelligent Energy Manager (IEM) technology.”

Virtual Silicon offers the VIP PowerSaver standard cells for the TSMC CL013G process technologies characterized for 0.8, 1.0 and 1.2 volt operation. The library includes ultra-low power flip flops (FF), which consume 30 percent less power than standard FF, with no speed penalty. The VIP PowerSaver library utilizes Virtual Silicon’s proprietary VIP architecture, which delivers up to 20 percent less area than competitive libraries for high-performance designs. The library comprises over 700 cells and has incorporated many architectural features for improved design for manufacturability. The CL013G VIP PowerSaver standard cell design kits are available for immediate evaluation download on the Virtual Silicon web site located at

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