TenAsys Showcases INtime RTOS for Multiprocessor PC Platform

1/19/2004 - INtime software from TenAsys Corporation features the ability to run two protected mode operating systems simultaneously, each on dedicated processors of a multiprocessor platform. This new technology makes INtime the first RTOS to run on MP systems along with Windows XP Pro, Windows XP Embedded and Windows 2000, operating systems, and deliver guaranteed determinism with blindingly fast response times. Real time processes running on this new INtime technology always run with sub microsecond response times, while allowing all Windows applications to run unaltered.

Concurrent with this MP preview, TenAsys announces immediate support for all standard Microsoft HAL.DLLs shipping with Windows XP. Most new PC platforms take advantage of the advanced APIC interrupt controller mode enabling more interrupt lines for better overall system configuration management and reliable performance. Without APIC support, other Windows real time extensions are forced to use older compatibility modes. This often leads to sub optimum performance or the outright disqualification of a desired PC platform for limited interrupt options and system resources.

As a Microsoft gold level Windows Embedded Partner, TenAsys is previewing this new technology while exhibiting at today’s Windows Embedded Essentials seminar. INtime MP support will be featured in an upcoming new release of INtime, while the APIC HAL.DLL support will be distributed in the standard update process for the current v2.2 scheduled for later this month.

INtime Real Time Extensions for Windows is a fully featured RTOS derived from iRMX. Applications written for the INtime RTOS execute as fully protected, user mode code on stand alone PC hardware, or with Windows on single or multiple processor platforms without recompiling. User-mode application code means the INtime environment is immune to applications faults that crash kernel mode driver solutions.

You can access additional news and information about INtime software and TenAsys Corporation at our website http://www.tenasys.com. TenAsys, INtime and iRMX are registered trademarks of TenAsys Corporation.

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