Mindspeed's Network Processor and Firmware Enable ADAX's Signaling Card

1/14/2004 - Mindspeed Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: MSPD), a leading supplier of semiconductor solutions for network infrastructure applications, announced that Adax has chosen Mindspeed’s Edge Stream Processor (ESP) and EdgeMaker firmware for its ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode) signaling cards currently shipping and deployed in next-generation wireless telecom equipment.

“We are pleased that Adax has chosen to use our Edge Stream processors in its wireless networking applications. The flexibility and performance of our ESP products make them ideal for next-generation wireless communications,” said Preet Virk, director of marketing for Mindspeed’s broadband internetworking systems business unit.

Adax products are designed to meet the demanding signaling requirements found in complex telecommunications environments. Based on open systems standards and a common applications programming interface (API), they provide the modular building blocks that can be easily customized. Adax solutions enable customers to deploy their signaling applications efficiently, irrespective of the underlying network interface or architecture.

“Mindspeed’s ESP processor and firmware combination enable us to provide a superior signaling solution that has all the options available on one board, requires minimal programming and is transparent to the user,” commented Barry Zuckerman, Ph. D., President of Adax Inc. “The ESP also enables us to meet the increased performance requirements of next-generation wireless networks.”

Mindspeed’s ESP is a network-optimized processor that combines reduced instruction set computing (RISC) with the benefits of a complex instruction set provided by a specialized communications processor. The EdgeMaker firmware addresses “any-service/any-port” applications and provides internetworking between packet-, cell-, and circuit-based networks, communicating with other system components through the interfaces of the ESP.

The ESP processor (CX2751X) and EdgeMaker firmware allow the Adax ATM card maximum flexibility in both protocol and interface options. Interfaces include broadband SS7, SIGTRAN and Frame Relay across T1/E1, OC3 and Ethernet. Protocol options include Broadband SS7 over ATM AAL2 or AAL5; Classical IP over ATM; 3G Iur, Iub, IuCS and IuPS interfaces; Frame Relay; IP over Frame Relay and LAPD over Frame Relay. The result is a universal card and a single platform that is capable of supporting multiple wireless services at speeds up to 155 Mbps.

About Mindspeed TechnologiesTM
With headquarters in Newport Beach, Mindspeed Technologies, Inc. designs, develops and sells semiconductor networking solutions for communications applications in enterprise, access, metropolitan and wide area networks. The company's four key product families include high-performance analog transmission and switching solutions, multiservice access products designed to support voice and data services across wireline and wireless networks, T/E carrier physical-layer and link-layer devices, and ATM/MPLS network processors.

Mindspeed's products are used in a wide variety of network infrastructure equipment including voice and media gateways, high-speed routers, switches, access multiplexers, cross-connect systems, add-drop multiplexers and digital loop carrier equipment. To learn more, visit the company at www.mindspeed.com

About Adax
Adax is the industry leader in signalling infrastructure for next generation networks. It provides high performance end-to-end signalling solutions across SS7, IP and ATM networks. Adax has an extensive product set, which includes signaling communications controllers and protocol software; Integrated signaling protocol stack solutions with Partners; and complete signaling gateways. The company's products are standards based, flexible and portable to meet diverse customer requirements and provide interoperability. This enables OEMs and integrators to deploy their signaling application, node or system as quickly and efficiently as possible irrespective of the underlying network interface or architecture.

Adax provides signalling solutions for the world's leading communications companies, including Lucent, Nortel, Ericsson, Alcatel, Hughes Software Systems and Siemens. Typical application areas include Signalling, Voice over IP (VoIP), Media Gateways; Gateway GPRS Support Node (GGSN) and Serving GPRS Support Nodes (SGSN) nodes for GPRS and 3G; Intelligent Networks; Base Station Control; Billing Mediation. For more information, visit www.adax.com.

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