4TEC Adds Value, Resells TimesTen Real-Time Event Processing System

1/14/2004 - 4TEC BV, a provider of integrated software infrastructure solutions and expertise for distributed real-time information management, announced a new value-added reseller (VAR) agreement with TimesTen, Inc., a provider of infrastructure software for real-time applications. The agreement will allow 4TEC to resell the TimesTen® Real-Time Event Processing System either as a stand-alone product or as a component of SkyBoardTM, 4TEC's integrated software infrastructure solution for distributed real-time information management. This announcement was made during 4TEC's participation in the HTC two-day business forum, being led by the U.S. Ambassador to the Netherlands, Clifford Sobel, and the Dutch Minister for Foreign Trade, Karien van Gennip. 4TEC is one of the 160 Dutch businesses participating in this transatlantic initiative to promote innovation and new business opportunities between the U.S. and the Netherlands.

"We are pleased to be partnering with 4TEC to expand our European presence, " said Jim Groff, CEO, TimesTen, Inc. "4TEC's focus on European systems integrators strongly complements TimesTen's direct sales team based in London. Working together, we can better address the burgeoning demand for infrastructure software in support of real-time applications," added Groff.

"The architecture of SkyBoard integrates peer-to-peer networking, real-time and in-memory data management into a complete solution," said Ir. Pieter Spohr, CEO and founder, 4TEC. "TimesTen's proven and equally unique technology is a strong differentiator for our offerings. This partnership allows us to provide best-in-class solutions to our customers," added Spohr.

Applications that benefit from SkyBoard are found across defense, aerospace, global communications and networking, traffic and logistics, financial services, and process control. SkyBoard manages storage, retrieval, and distribution of time-critical data in dynamically configuring network environments. It enables continuous availability of all information that is critical to the enterprise. 4TEC is a supplier to systems integrators and suppliers of distributed systems worldwide. Their offerings enable customers to deliver cutting-edge solutions more quickly and at reduced costs.

About 4TEC B.V.
Based in The Hague, The Netherlands, 4TEC offers an innovative product range of complete infrastructure solutions for distributed real-time information management. Its products uniquely integrate real-time peer-to-peer networking and in-memory database technology. 4TEC builds on years of experience in the world's most demanding real-time application domains, including defense, global communications, and transportation. Its customers can rely on continuous high-quality services, including technical support, training, solution architecting, turn-key infrastructural solutions, and specialized real-time software developments. For more information, visit www.4tec.nl.

About TimesTen, Inc.
TimesTen provides infrastructure software for real-time event processing—a fundamental requirement of time-critical applications used by financial serivces firms and global telecom providers. Systems built with TimesTen inside are instantly responsive, highly reliable, and able to process massive transaction volumes. Cisco, Deutsche Bank, JP Morgan, Nokia, and Sprint are among the customers who rely on TimesTen's software and expertise to create a unique advantage in a rapidly changing market. For more information, visit www.timesten.com.

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