Atmel Rolls Out Single-channel High-Speed Power Driver IC

1/14/2004 - Atmel® Corporation (Nasdaq: ATML) announced the availability of a new member of Atmel's family of driver ICs. The ATA6821 is a single-channel high-speed power driver IC designed in Atmel's 0.8-micron BCDMOS technology which is used for automotive-dedicated standard products as well as for full-custom ICs. Applications include electric motors for industrial machines as well as automotive systems.

The power driver IC ATA6821 is dedicated to handle high currents as can be found in electrical machines or in power converters. The device activates low-resistance switching devices like power MOSFETs or IGBTs and supports especially the use of a potential-free input signal generated by a transformer. With its integrated push-pull output stage, the ATA6821 can drive peak currents of up to 4 A, whereby the output stage features an on-resistance of less than 2 Ohm at 150 degree Celsius (302 degree F) junction temperature. The device's second output, the positive feedback output, enables reliable, potential-free operation.

To achieve a functionality similar to the ATA6821, designers need to build a motor drive system including discrete and standard devices. The ATA6821 is the first device that enables the driving of motors in industrial applications with only one single IC. This simplifies the end system design and reduces the bill of materials.

The ATA6821 provides an extremely short propagation delay from input to output of 50 ns and super fast slew rates of only 12 ns. These fast switching times help designers to minimize the heat dissipation in high power switching devices to prevent damage or failure of the complete system.

Atmel's objective is to provide various solutions to meet the designers' different needs and has introduced several BCDMOS driver ICs designed for dedicated applications since 1999.

The high-performance, fully protected driver U6815BM can be used in most microcontroller sub-systems that control up to 6 high- and 6 low-side loads, whereas the T6817 is a very cost-effective solution for applications that do not need the entire functionality of the well-known U6815BM. For space constrained applications, the extra-small T6818/ T6828 in SO14 package is an ideal solution. The T6819/ T6829 are versions for PWM. The T6816 with its supply voltage range of 7 V up to 40 V is dedicated for passenger car, truck and bus electronic systems, and for control applications in the 24-V industrial net. The U6820BM is especially designed for low-power applications such as Hall sensors.

Samples of the new BCDMOS driver IC ATA6821 in standard SO14 (150 mil) packages are available now. Pricing starts at US$1.30 (10 k).

ESD = ElectroStatic Discharge
IGBT = Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor
MOSFET = Metal Oxide Silicon FET
PWM = Pulse-Width Modulation

About Atmel
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