VDC Reports on Industrial Electronic Temperature Controllers

1/14/2004 - A recently published study by Venture Development Corporation (VDC) entitled "The Global Market For Industrial Electronic Temperature Controllers, Eighth Edition" found a high majority of industrial electronic temperature controller users to be unfamiliar with the IEEE 1451 smart sensor standard. VDC also found that of the users familiar with the standard, only 11% are using smart sensors with TEDS (Transducer Electronic Data Sheets).

In development since 1994, IEEE 1451 attempts to provide an industry standard to reduce the cost of creating unique smart sensors for each bus/network to which these would be connected. TEDS is an embedded memory chip in the sensor that contains sensor-related data, enabling the sensor to automatically identify itself once connected to a bus or network. More information about this standard can be found at: http://ieee1451.nist.gov

Anticipated Start of Usage of Smart Sensors with TEDS
(Percent of User Respondents Familiar With IEEE 1451, but Who Have Not Implemented Yet)

Overall, VDC found among the temperature controller users in its survey:

VDC analyst Jake Millette commented, "There are obvious benefits to using smart sensors with digital bus/network interfaces, including the ability to upgrade and incorporate advances in the future. IEEE 1451 with TEDS is one means of making such implementations attractive to users. If temperature controller and sensor suppliers can work together on adopting this standard and educate their customers on its advantages, it can benefit all parties."

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