Wal-Mart Compliance On its Way with Sun's RFID Test Center in Dallas

1/13/2004 - For the top 100 suppliers to Wal-Mart, the first item on their list of new year's resolutions likely reads "become RFID compliant." To help quell their fears and quickly achieve compliance status, Sun Microsystems will soon open the doors to its new, state-of-the-art RFID Test Center in Dallas, Texas.

The 17,000-square-foot warehouse facility is fully equipped to meet world standards and the requirements set forth by Wal-Mart for tagging and testing products at the pallet, case and item levels. The comprehensive list of programs available to testing suppliers includes a thorough analysis of the customer manufacturing, warehouse and distribution environments; production of a full scale product tagging plan; an end-to-end architecture for the implementation at the customer site; and incorporation of Sun services to ensure optimal performance of Sun hardware and software.

The tagging and comprehensive analysis of the customers’ products will be performed on conveyor stations, dock door stations and warehouse forklift portals. To extend Sun's efforts worldwide, Sun's second RFID Test Center is expected to open within a month in Scotland. Similar to the center located in Dallas, Texas, this center will allow European-based companies to test their RFID solutions, and help ensure compliance with regulatory and privacy standards. Corporations and government agencies around the world recognize RFID's potential to cut supply chain costs, increase operational efficiencies, speed delivery time, and minimize theft and waste.

"We are excited to get started helping suppliers in our RFID Test Center. Sun has been involved with RFID since the beginning, and we are the first company to provide Wal-Mart suppliers with a facility and the technical know-how and expertise to get their RFID implementations done right the first time," said Julie Sarbacker, director of the Auto-ID Business Unit at Sun Microsystems. "Built with the Sun Java Enterprise System and Sun's RFID infrastructure software for EPC, our solution is open and standards-based. We welcome any of Wal-Mart's suppliers to contact us and get started today."

The Sun RFID Test Center will be powered by the secure, reliable and highly scalable Solaris Operating System using the Sun Java Enterprise System Software, an integrated, open software system, and the unique Sun RFID infrastructure software that features self-healing and provisioning and works with most Electronic Product Code (EPC) readers. Customers will also be able to test RFID technology in conjunction with Sun's Java Enterprise System Software to smoothly integrate this technology into their existing technology strategy. Sun’s open and scalable RFID infrastructure software, based on Java technology, provides robust and seamless integration with every device, everywhere and everytime. This is especially important in environments where multiple devices such as RFID readers, scanners, or other handheld devices need to reliably and accurately collect and forward information with minimal supervision and down time. The Sun platform also facilitates secure and seamless integration with legacy systems and other best-of-breed enterprise applications and solutions. Sun Services can team with the suppliers to provide RFID expertise to ensure that solutions are architected and implemented to maximize return on investment and minimize total cost of ownership in the most timely and efficient way. For more information and to get started in the RFID Test Center today, visit http://www.sun.com/rfid or email rfid-testcenter@sun.com.

About Sun Microsystems' Work With RFID
Sun Microsystems' industry-leading, standards-based, RFID solution is a comprehensive end-to-end offering that includes hardware, software, services and best-in-class partnerships. For over three years Sun has been working to make RFID technology an extension of web services and a seamless part of software infrastructure such as the Sun Java Enterprise System. Sun has been a leading member of and advisor to the MIT Auto-ID Center – the driving force for Auto-ID standards, and has participated in numerous successful pilots and deployments. Sun is opening RFID Test Centers around the world to help companies test their RFID implementations before they invest - from tagging products, integrating data into back-end systems and sharing this data with supply chain partners. For more information on Sun's leading role with RFID visit http://www.sun.com/rfid. To start testing in a Sun RFID Test Center and learn how to get the competitive advantage necessary, email rfid-testcenter@sun.com today.

About Sun Microsystems, Inc.
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