Kane Computing Unveils Audio-Video Multi-DSP Board, Distribution Channel

1/12/2004 - Kane Computing announced the launch of a brand new high performance video/audio multi-DSP board and the signing of a UK Distribution Agreement with the manufacturer Vitec Multimedia.

The new Video Parallel Programmable Processing Platform (VP3TM) is an extremely powerful PCI or standalone board dedicated to professional and industrial video applications, such as H.264/MPEG4 real time, top quality encoders and decoders, high definition MPEG2 encoders/decoders, MPEG2 to H.264 transcoders and real time industrial image processing.

VP3 includes eight Texas Instruments TMS320DM642 Digital Media Processors, SDI digital video inputs and outputs, AES/EBU digital video inputs and outputs, audio and video synchronisation circuits, configurable topology, efficient inter-processor communications, hardware co-processor, TCP/IP stack/ethernet interface and PCI interface.

The eight DM642 processors provide a maximum of 153.6 GOPS and each has a private local memory of 128MB of 100MHz SDRAM. The video ports (3 per processor) are used for inter processor communications and are configured using a crossbar implemented in an FPGA to provide a highly flexible topology, i.e. pipeline, parallel scheme or a mixture of both. The DSPs can also communicate information to each other using direct memory to memory block exchanges using high performance multicasting DMA controller services (patents pending).

VP3 comes with a complete set of software tools including LiveWireTM, a complete framework for developers who want to use VP3 hardware to develop a product running under Windows, providing a set of ready to use, connectable components leading to a drastic reduction in development time. Other software tools include Windows WDM driver, to support multi-board applications in the same PC and DSP sample applications with source code.

Vitec Multimedia, a French company, has been providing leading edge digital video products and technology, since 1988, to professionals in the broadcast industry, with a focus on MPEG1, MPEG2 and MPEG4 encoders. Vitec is also a Texas Instruments Third Party Partner.

Bruno Teissier, International Sales Director of Vitec Multimedia said "We at Vitec Multimedia think this is a good opportunity to work together because Kane is well specialised in DSPs".

Kane Computing are a Texas Instruments Third Party Partner, specialising in Texas Instruments software development tools and emulators, and can supply and support developers with everything they need for DSP development.

Richard White, Managing Director of Kane Computing confirmed his delight with this new partnership, particularly as Kane Computing also licence a range of image compression algorithms specifically optimised for the DM642 processor from Texas Instruments.

About Kane Computing Ltd
KCL has been providing Image Processing, DSP and high performance computing products for use in industry, education and research since 1987. The last few years has seen considerable growth within KCL in the high performance and Digital Signal Processing markets. KCL started life as Sension Advanced Computing, designing, manufacturing and supplying parallel processing products based around the Inmos transputer. In 1995 it became part of Kane International Ltd and subsequently changed its name to Kane Computing. In October 2001 Kane Computing became an independent Company, Kane Computing Ltd. KCL are now regarded as the primary source of fully supported development tools for Texas Instruments series of DSPs in the United Kingdom. KCL provide a whole range of products based around Texas Instrument's TMS320 range of DSP's. This includes starter kits, development systems, application boards and emulators. KCL has a policy of continual improvement and operates its business in accordance with the requirements of ISO9001:2000. Web: www.kanecomputing.co.uk

About Vitec
Vitec multimedia is a pioneer in development of equipment to encode, edit and decode digital video in MPEG format. Products range from real-time MPEG1, MPEG2 and MPEG4 video compression boards, video publishing and editing in MPEG standard for special integrators, OEMs, VARS to turnkey solutions for multimedia presentations on DVD-Video, Video CD and CD-ROM. Vitec Multimedia was founded in France in 1988 by its current CEO Philippe Wetzel. Since 1990, the company has focused its entire effort on digital video, conforming to ISO standards: JPEG for fixed images and MPEG for video. Since its inception, Vitec has been universally recognised for its groundbreaking product development. This commitment to innovation has resulted in impressive paybacks to Vitec. For example in 1995: it was the first to develop a system to make possible editing MPEG1 files, in 1997 it did again with MPEG2 by introducing the world's first frame accurate MPEG-2 editing software, an accomplishment previously believed to be impossible. Vitec also introduced in 1992 the world's first MPEG1 card (VideoMaker) for microcomputers. Vitec has an installed base of over 80,000 MPEG encoders.

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