Fedtec Creates Multimedia Jukebox and Digital Video Recorder Designs

1/8/2004 - Federal Technologies Limited (Fedtec), a leading ODM & design house of Multimedia products, announced the release of FT500MMJB Multimedia Jukebox and FT300DVR Digital Video Recorder ready-to-manufacture reference designs. Targeted at consumer electronics companies and OEMs developing Digital Multimedia products that can encode, store and playback MPEG4, DivX, MP3, WMA, JPEG, MJPEG formats, these designs will help customers deliver products with an early-to-market advantage.

Developed around Fedtec's implementation of Audio, Video. Speech and Imaging Codecs optimized on Texas Instrument's (TI) TMS320DM270TM SoC, the FT500MMJB and the FT300DVR are designed to deliver Audio/Video performance of highest quality with the flexibility to customize the designs to address different market segments and price ranges.

The FT500MMJB is a ready-to-manufacture Multimedia Jukebox design, which will enable the OEMs to offer an innovative video-on-the move product line in the market. With an extensive support of Audio/Video and Imaging decoders which include MPEG4, DivX 3/4/5, Mp3, WMA, JPEG, MJPEG and multiple storage options of HDD, CF Card, SD Card, Multimedia Card and Memory Stick, customers gets the flexibility to rollout a product within their target BOM. The product runs FedLinux Operating System, with drivers, system and application software and a customisable GUI. In addition, the FT500MMJB can support BluetoothTM natively to enable wireless music/audio transfer.

The FT300DVR is a ready-to-manufacture Digital Video Recorder design that will enable OEMs to roll out a MPEG4 A/V recorder/player, which can encode and store live content in MPEG4. With support for multiple A/V encoders and decoders, a built-in HDD/CF card storage option, and an optional CD-RW for archival, it provides OEMs a superior solution with a time-to-market advantage. It comes with multiple interface support like A/V in/out, USB 1.1/2.0, earphone jack, RF modulator and 802.11x that the OEMs can choose as per market requirements.

"Fedtec's designs will help bring a true mobile entertainment experience to end users by providing high quality audio/video content storage and delivery in a portable device", said Mr. Rathan Kumar, Chairman and CEO of Fedtec. "OEMs can now offer products which can encode and store live content on a storage media which can then be played back at convenience. Our designs enable the end users to enjoy their favorite Mp3 music on the way to work, share their digital photos with friends or watch a DivX movie of choice while waiting to board a flight."

Fedtec will demonstrate the FT500MMJB and the FT300DVR during the 2004 International CES in Las Vegas along with TI at booth Number 9011.

About Fedtec
Federal Technologies Limited is an ODM and design house focused on digital multimedia technologies for the creation, delivery, reception, storage, management and presentation of multimedia content over a wide spectrum of embedded multimedia products. Fedtec's design focus includes portable/handheld multimedia recorders, multi-mode cameras, videophones, video security and surveillance systems apart from residential gateway products and solutions. Fedtec's core value comes from its ability to leverage speech, audio, image and video codecs, streaming, communication, network and internet access protocols and engines together with system design expertise to deliver 'ready-to-manufacture solutions', with warranty and support to manufacturers, pre/post production. For more information, visit http://www.fedtec.com

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