Bluetooth Qualification Review Board Validates Anritsu's Bluetooth Test Sets

1/7/2004 - Anritsu Company, a member of the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG), announces that its MT8850A/MT8852A Bluetooth test sets are the first integrated solutions to receive "Test System Validation" status from the Bluetooth Qualification Review Board (BQRB) for radio layer measurements. The validation of the MT8850A/MT8852A means that chip set developers, module manufacturers, and consumer product developers can test products with absolute confidence during product qualification or for product assessment prior to submission to a Bluetooth Qualification Test Facility (BQTF).

"Achieving validation status for our Bluetooth test sets has been an important goal for Anritsu," commented Phil Bowen, Anritsu Company Vice President and Americas Sales Region General Manager. "Anritsu is committed to developing test instruments for current and future Bluetooth standards, and validation status highlights the high quality of our products. We have placed a great deal of emphasis and commitment on developing solutions for wireless technologies such as Bluetooth, and this validation is the latest in a series of initiatives aimed at establishing Anritsu as the leader in test instrumentation for the wireless market."

In addition to receiving the validation status from BQRB, Anritsu has a long-standing partnership with Centro de Tecnologia de las Comunicaciones, S.A. (CETECOM Spain), a leading BQTF. As part of the partnership, the two companies developed the ME7865A Pre-Qualification Test System. CETECOM also reviewed the MT8850A/MT8852A test sets and created a Validation Test Report for submission to the BQRB.

The MT8850A/MT8852A test sets support eight of the 15 test cases in the Bluetooth RF test specification. With one-button test capability, the MT8850A/MT8852A can test the RF performance of Bluetooth modules in less than five seconds. As a result of their high performance, the MT8850A/MT8852A, as well as all of Anritsu's Bluetooth test solutions, have become the de-facto standards for design proving and production test of Bluetooth modules and products with a Bluetooth wireless interface.

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