Exar Unveils Four Channel T1/E1/J1 Framer and LIU Combo Chip

1/7/2004 - Exar Corporation (Nasdaq: EXAR), a leading provider of high-performance, mixed-signal silicon solutions for the worldwide communications infrastructure announced a new addition to its recently launched next generation silicon solution family (XRT86LXX) incorporating its unique Line Interface Unit (LIU) and framer in one innovative combination device. The XRT86L34 is a four-channel (quad) chip targeted at telecommunications equipment including wireless base stations, digital access and cross connect systems, and Channel Service Units (CSUs) among others. Devices in the XRT86LXX family enable network providers to maximize their return from the existing network infrastructure.

"The XRT86L34 builds on the early market success of the eight-channel device XRT86L38 (announced in August of this year), and gives customers an even wider array of design options and system functionality" said Bahram Ghaderi, vice president and general manager, Network and Transmission Products Division. "The XRT86L34, combining both the physical layer and access control functions, incorporates our market-proven R3 Technology which has found early and significant traction in key markets. This device continues Exar's long-term product strategy of taking industry-tested functional device elements (offered in initial products T1/E1/J1 LIUs, framers etc.), capitalizing on their subsequent multi-channel versions, and then combining their capabilities into a highly integrated device."

Product Details
The XRT86L34 is a four-channel physical-layer processor incorporating a T1/E1 (1.544 Mb/s or 2.048 Mb/s) framer and a LIU. Each of the four framers has both a framing synchronizer and transmit and receive slip buffers. Each framer also contains transmit and overhead data input ports, which permits data line terminal equipment direct access to the out-bound T1/E1/J1 frames. In the receive direction, it has complementary blocks to the transmit path. In addition, the XRT86L34 includes a PRBS, QRSS and network loop up/down code generator/detector. The device detects standard framing and signal error conditions. The microprocessor interface is very flexible allowing for easy configuration, control, and status monitoring. Furthermore, the device has an integrated HDLC controller with two 96-byte transmit, and two 96-byte receive HDLC buffers. The line interface portion of the XRT86L34 is based on Exar's market proven XRT83L34 (introduced in 2001). The XRT86L34 leverages XRT83L34 interface capabilities that customers already rely on for uninterrupted data transmission. Examples of these include clock and data recovery circuitry, T1 compliant line build out, and a crystalless jitter attenuator for each channel. All of these are necessary for successfully transmitting and receiving T1, E1 and J1 signals.

R3 Technology Overview
Exar's breakthrough R3 TechnologyTM (Reconfigurable, Relayless Redundancy) delivers key benefits to customers designing T1/E1/J1 interface cards. The devices are Reconfigurable with integrated termination supporting all common T1/E1/J1 line impedances enabling customers to build one board with a single bill-of-materials. Now, final device configuration can be done just prior to line-card installation. This unique capability prevents customers from having to unnecessarily stockpile an inventory of all configurations to accommodate changing market conditions. Also, the series employs Relayless Redundancy eliminating the need for external relays for 1:1 and 1+1 applications by establishing a back-up channel that can be brought on-line in the event of failure. The first application of this technology was multi-channel long-haul, short-haul (1, 4, and 8-channel) Line Interface Units (LIUs) that are already designed in at key customers in the targeted markets of Multi-Service Provisioning Platforms (MSPPs), access devices, media gateways, routers, and frame relay access devices.

Standards Compliance
The device, just like the XRT86L38, is compliant with all T1/E1/J1 specifications including ANSI T1/E1.107-1998, ANSI T1/E1. 403-1995, ANSI T1/E1. 231-1993, ANSI T1/E1. 408-1990, AT&T TR 62411 (12-90) TR540616, and ITU G-703, G. 704, G. 706, and G. 733. Also, AT&T Pub. 43801, and ETS 300 011, 300 233, JT G. 703, JT G. 704, JT G. 706, I. 431.

"Customers can design-in with confidence knowing that these integrated solutions continue an already proven track record with OEMs where installed Exar T1/E1 physical-layer devices have performed flawlessly in systems worldwide," said Hugh Wright, director of marketing. "Device capabilities drawn from Exar's technology expertise, and broad T1/E1/J1 product portfolio make the XRT86L34 one of the most powerful four-channel LIU/framer combos on the market today."

Prices, Packages and Availability
Samples of the XRT86L34 are available within 30 days in a 225 PBGA package. At 1k volumes the XRT86L34 is $35.00, and it is a 3.3V, 5V input tolerant device.

About Exar
Exar Corporation (NASDAQ: EXAR) designs, develops and markets high-performance, analog and mixed-signal silicon solutions for the worldwide communications infrastructure. Leveraging its industry-proven analog design expertise, system-level knowledge and standard CMOS process technologies, Exar provides OEMs innovative, highly integrated ICs that facilitate the transport and aggregation of signals in access, metro and wide area networks. The Company's physical layer silicon solutions address transmission standards such as T/E carrier, ATM and SONET. The Company also provides one of the industry's most comprehensive families of serial communications solutions. Within this product offering, the low voltage and multi-channel universal asynchronous receiver transmitters are particularly well suited to support high data rate and increasing data transfer efficiency requirements for various industrial, telecom and computer server applications. In addition, the Company designs, develops and markets IC products that address select applications for the video and imaging markets. The Company is based in Fremont, CA, had fiscal 2003 revenues of $67 million, and employs approximately 265 people worldwide. For more information about Exar visit www.exar.com.

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