Wildcat VP Powers First CAD Application to Support OpenGL Shading Language

1/6/2004 - 3Dlabs® Inc., Ltd., a leading innovator in professional visual processing, announced that the Wildcat® VP family of workstation graphics accelerators powers SolidWorks® 2004, the first CAD application capable of real-time rendering with the OpenGL® Shading Language. The new update to SolidWorks 2004, Service Pack 2 (SP2), and the application's RealView feature operate in concert with any Wildcat VP graphics card to leverage the expressive power of this high-level, open standard API that interactively models photorealistic material shaders. SolidWorks 2004 RealView running on a Wildcat VP graphics accelerator is capable of real-time styling and production-grade rendering that can drastically reduce the engineer's overall design time. The new Wildcat VP AcuityTM driver (version 3.01-0678) that supports the RealView feature is available free of charge at http://www.3dlabs.com/drivers. 3Dlabs is a wholly owned subsidiary of Creative Technology Ltd.

"We decided to bring OpenGL Shading Language shaders to SolidWorks 2004 and work with 3Dlabs because it spear-headed the adoption of this revolutionary open standard," said Brian Houle, partner program manager for SolidWorks Corporation. "Now designers can unleash the power of Wildcat graphics on the most complex CAD projects, confident that tasks will be completed faster than before."

"Wildcat VP graphics accelerators provide SolidWorks 2004 users the ability to view models at an uncanny level of visual realism," said Jeff Little, director of marketing for 3Dlabs. "Powered by Wildcat VP graphics and the OpenGL Shading Language, the RealView feature allows designers to interact with highly realistic material shaders and textures in real-time to deliver stunning, lifelike rendering capabilities while decreasing the development time and the number of product reworks."

The OpenGL Shading Language is an industry standard developed by the OpenGL Architecture Review Board. It is a high-level, hardware independent C-like programming language that integrates seamlessly with OpenGL to enable application developers to deploy interactive, cinematic-quality rendering effects using advanced Visual Processor Units (VPUs). The new RealView feature in the SolidWorks 2004 SP2 allows users to easily create fully rendered images of SolidWorks 2004 models in real-time. For the first time, styling and production rendering becomes an integral function in the design workflow, which shortens the production process and decreases time-to-market.

For more information on SolidWorks 2004, please visit http://www.solidworks.com/pages/partners/3Dlabs/3Dlabs.html. More information on 3Dlabs' award-winning Wildcat technology can be found at www.3dlabs.com.

About 3Dlabs
3Dlabs, a leading innovator in professional visual processing, supplies a broad range of graphics accelerators to Computer Aided Design (CAD), Digital Content Creation (DCC), and visual simulation professionals. Its award-winning Wildcat graphics solutions are available in industry-leading OEM workstations, in the channel through an international distributor/reseller network, and directly to end-users at 3Dlabs' online store. For more information on 3Dlabs products, visit www.3Dlabs.com. 3Dlabs is a wholly owned subsidiary of Creative Technology Ltd.

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