Excel Unveils WinTranslator 2.2 with Ada Reengineering, UML

9/30/2003 - Excel Software began shipping a major upgrade of WinTranslator that adds the capability of scanning Ada source code and generating graphic UML class models in WinA&D.

WinTranslator is a reengineering tool that works with Excel Software's WinA&D, QuickUML and QuickCRC modeling tools. Object-oriented software written in C++, Java, Delphi or Ada creates UML class models using WinA&D or QuickUML. CRC cards are created with QuickCRC. Code written in C, Pascal, procedural Basic or Fortran generates structure charts in WinA&D. Rich data models are generated from SQL for popular RDBMS products. Generated models can be automatically organized into multiple diagram levels to easily accommodate very large software systems. Diagram objects click to source code using an integrated code browser.

Ada is a programming language used primarily on mission critical defense projects. Working closely with a large defense contractor, Excel Software has mapped a streamlined UML notation to the Ada programming language. WinA&D implements UML modeling that is tailored for Ada with automated code generation.

WinTranslator captures information about each Ada package, relationships between packages and package components like records, arrays and other type definitions, variables, constants, named numbers, exceptions and subprograms. Details captured for subprograms include return data types and argument lists. Generic package parameters and actual parameters of generic instantiations are also captured. The public, private and implementation scope of each package component is expressed on the generated UML class models.

The typical code reengineering process involves creating a list of code files, extracting dictionary information to a text file, importing that information into a modeling tool and generating graphic diagrams that represent the source code. WinTranslator fully automates that process with a multi-step dialog that guides the developer to enter project information like programming language and code folder locations and then generates and executes a script of commands to reengineer the project. WinTranslator outputs a dictionary entry list to a text file thatıs imported into WinA&D to populate its dictionary. WinA&D's new Class Model From Ada command lets a developer select a collection of classes (Ada packages) from the dictionary, then generates a rich UML class model.

WinTranslator is priced at $495 for a Single User License and runs on Windows 95 through XP. Contact Excel Software for site license and upgrade prices or visit www.excelsoftware.com for information and online ordering.

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