Tektronix Unveils Three Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope Models

9/30/2003 - Tektronix, Inc. (NYSE: TEK), the world's leading manufacturer of oscilloscopes announced three new digital phosphor oscilloscope (DPO) models that feature the most advanced triggering, signal fidelity and analysis capabilities of any oscilloscopes on the market at comparable price points.

Devices that once were considered leading-edge are migrating into mainstream applications, forcing design engineers to move up the performance curve with their test instrumentation. As a result, traditional "ultra high performance" (1-4 GHz) oscilloscopes that once tested these leading-edge designs are moving into "mainstream" performance applications. At the same time, designers face budget constraints that severely limit their ability to purchase the performance and solutions they need.

"As I talk to test and measurement manufacturers, their customers are challenged with implementing the technologies and standards that were once leading edge into their mainstream designs as well as having the instrumentation budget to match their performance needs," said Galen Wampler, Industry Analyst, Prime Data. "Escalating signal speeds and ever-accelerating time-to-market pressures challenge the engineer to do more in less time. Designers are looking to test and measurement manufacturers to provide them with everything they need - hardware, software, and accessories - to create a complete, affordable range of solutions that are critical to addressing a variety of specific applications."

Tektronix' TDS7000B Series creates the industry standard in its class with innovative, yet cost-effective, features including the most advanced Silicon Germanium (SiGe)-based triggering system and DPXTM technology, providing more than 400,000 waveforms per second waveform capture display. This combination of powerful features allows engineers to quickly identify design issues and reduce time-to-market with one tool that spans circuit development, signal validation and compliance testing. With this level of insight, designers can implement data rates up to a Gigabit per second (Gb/s) and rise times on the order of 100 picoseconds (ps).

"While not all customers need the ultra-high bandwidth found in the new TDS7704B, their applications still need the measurement fidelity, unrivaled analysis, and uncompromised usability offered by the rest of the TDS7000B family to simplify the acquisition, viewing, and analysis of high-speed signals," said Colin Shepard, Vice President, Oscilloscope Products. "The TDS7000B Series advances high performance oscilloscope capabilities to address 1-4 GHz market by providing the most accurate representation of high-performance circuit behavior available in its class at an excellent value for our customers."

Superior Measurement Fidelity For Unparalleled Acquisition At High Speeds
Since its introduction in 1999, the DPO has changed the way engineers capture, view and measure dynamic signal information. The TDS7000B Series DPO's waveform capture rate (more than 400,000 waveforms per second) is orders of magnitude better than existing digital storage oscilloscopes (DSOs) in delivering faster accumulation of signal data for both critical insight into signal behavior and in-depth analysis. Powered by exclusive DPX® acquisition technology, a unique parallel-processing architecture that dramatically reduces the oscilloscope's acquire/process/update cycle, this capture rate allows the oscilloscope to accumulate detailed information about the signal very rapidly. As a result, the DPO offers unsurpassed measurement and analysis throughput.

Tektronix' TDS family of oscilloscopes has long been known for its broad and flexible range of triggering solutions. The TDS7000B DPOs raise the bar on superior measurement fidelity by offering the industry's most advanced triggering and clock recovery features, built around a dedicated triggering IC that delivers unsurpassed flexibility and performance. As the industry's most advanced SiGe triggering component, it is also the most appropriate to the exact timing and amplitude conditions found in high-speed electronic devices.

Qualified triggers help designers hone in quickly on problems due to errors that are considered faults only when they occur after qualifying events or time. Other triggers include a broad selection of edge, timing, setup/hold, fault, and event triggers. This new trigger system features trigger jitter as narrow as 1.0 ps RMS and the circuit can detect glitches as low as 110 ps. The new DPOs uniquely address both hardware and software clock recovery by a new, continuously variable (1 Mb/s to 3.125 Gb/s) built-in hardware clock recovery circuit or by integrated software clock recovery tools, embracing the widest range of serial standards.

Unrivaled Analysis For Ultra-Reliable Compliance Results
All of the new DPO models include a robust Waveform Database (WfmDB) acquisition mode which dramatically reduces the time it takes to accrue the millions of cycles' worth of samples required by most compliance tests. The new DPOs can be optioned with the industry's broadest range of automated software applications to speed pass/fail testing to industry standards such as PCI Express, Infiniband, USB2.0, Gigabit Ethernet and DVI. Other available applications simplify jitter analysis, power measurements, and more. The instruments' OpenChoiceTM architecture makes it possible to integrate the widest selection of third-party analysis applications or custom software solutions into the oscilloscope environment. And, a 2-GHz processor ensures faster processing speeds when using any application.

Uncompromised Usability Aids Comprehension And Control
To speed analysis of the voluminous acquisition records that result from serial bus and disk drive measurements, the new DPOs include a MultiView ZoomTM feature that makes it easy to expand localized waveform segments while maintaining an overall view of the larger record. Users can automatically scroll through the data and focus on up to four segments, comparing them for similarities or discrepancies. Assisting the user's viewing and comprehension is a new a full-color 1024 x 768 pixel, 10.4" (26.4 cm) XGA display, the industry's largest display and only XGA. Lastly, the adaptable user interface allows users to control the instrument by using a touch-screen, traditional analog-style knobs, mouse and keyboard or a PC-style graphical user interface-whichever is most comfortable and efficient for the individual.

About Tektronix
Tektronix, Inc. is a test, measurement, and monitoring company providing measurement solutions to the communications, computer, and semiconductor industries worldwide. With more than 55 years of experience, Tektronix enables its customers to design, build, deploy, and manage next-generation global communications networks and advanced technologies. Headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon, Tektronix has operations in more than 20 countries worldwide. Tektronix' Web address is www.tektronix.com.

Tektronix is a registered trademark of Tektronix, Inc.

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