Metrowerks Rolls Out Platform Creation Suite 3.0 for Linux OS

9/29/2003 - Metrowerks has responded to the demand for professional grade embedded Linux® OS development solutions by offering Platform Creation Suite (PCS) Version 3.0 for Linux OS -- a comprehensive development environment that provides enhanced access to the growing spectrum of open source technology available for the creation of embedded Linux OS devices.

A cornerstone of the Metrowerks embedded Linux strategy, PCS 3.0 is designed to configure and implement Metrowerks Board Support Packages (BSPs) – downloadable products which include a Linux kernel and related tools, drivers and documentation necessary to support development on a particular board. PCS 3.0 includes an advanced development environment where these BSPs can be quickly configured, built, extended and deployed to standard development platforms and custom hardware.

PCS 3.0 provides free download access to pre-ported and tested Linux board support packages across several architectures. The offering also includes a build system and several new tools to enable the creation of new, customized BSPs that can be, in the spirit of open source, freely re-distributed.

The suite is fully integrated with freely downloadable Linux solutions for ARM®, ColdFire®, MIPSTM, PowerPCTM, SHTM and other architectures, providing a Linux OS foundation for the evolution of custom hardware, and allowing developers to concentrate their efforts on creating custom applications instead of focusing on OS- and development environment-level tasks.

PCS 3.0 was created to address the need developers have for professional grade tools for embedded Linux environments. A recent report by Evans Data Corp. (EDC) found that embedded Linux remains the top embedded OS choice among developers, yet developers are not satisfied with the available embedded Linux toolsets. The survey found that fewer than 20 percent of developers rated embedded Linux toolsets as "good" and only five percent rated them "excellent.”

“PCS simplifies the embedded Linux application development process, thereby speeding time to market and enabling the creation of higher quality end products,” said Berardino Baratta, Metrowerks chief technology officer and vice president of the Metrowerks Linux Solutions Group. “We think this solution extends the combined power of Metrowerks and the Linux operating system to a larger, more cost sensitive and less experienced Linux OS developer audience.”

Metrowerks is a leading force in establishing embedded Linux technology as a viable OS for mainstream devices and products. The company delivers industry-leading Linux OS development products and services, including comprehensive embedded Linux solutions that combine world-class silicon with Metrowerks’ applications, middleware, Linux kernels, systems integration services, and the award-winning CodeWarriorTM integrated development environment (IDE).

An active investor and innovator in the embedded Linux OS space since 1999, Metrowerks is succeeding in the marketplace by providing developers with powerful solutions that help create successful products based on the Linux OS for mass-market industries. The Metrowerks Linux Solutions Group targets customers in the networking communications, wireless, industrial and consumer electronics markets. Linux solutions from Metrowerks are designed to shorten design cycles and speed and time to market. The company’s CodeWarrior IDE for embedded Linux environments is intuitive and highly visual, shortening developers’ learning curves, increasing productivity and reducing development time.

Availability and Pricing
Platform Creation Suite (PCS) Version 3.0 for Linux® OS will be available for purchase beginning September 29 from Metrowerks. Suggested retail price is $6,240(USD) per license, which includes one year of maintenance support. BSPs are freely downloadable at, with optional support services available for $3,000(USD) annually. Contact Metrowerks by telephone at 800-377-5416 or +1-512-996-5300, or by e-mail at

About Metrowerks
Metrowerks Corporation creates CodeWarrior software and hardware products and services for developers, with a particular focus on the following industries: consumer electronics; transportation; wireless; and networking and communications. The CodeWarrior product line includes hardware and software development tools and middleware that enable customers to decrease their time to market. The company also offers services, including training and custom software development. Founded in 1985, Metrowerks is today an independently operating subsidiary of Motorola, Inc. Metrowerks corporate headquarters are in Austin, Texas; Metrowerks Europe is headquartered in Basel, Switzerland; and Metrowerks Japan is headquartered in Tokyo. More information is available from

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