Traquair Reduces Price and Time to Market with Multi-Chip Modules

9/26/2003 - Traquair Data Systems, Inc. announced lower pricing for the UC1394a-1 ultra-compact multi-chip module. The price drop follows the successful launch of the product earlier this year, providing the means for developers to integrate their products with FireWire in as little as a day. If needed, developers can also exploit an on-board DSP and FPGA for even more specific application requirements.

The UC1394a-1 acts as a ready to use FireWire interface, allowing developers to integrate their hardware via a 16-bit parallel data port, and stream application data across FireWire at up to 32Mbytes/sec without any required software development.

Also claiming fame as a “DSP board the size of a coin”, the UC1394a-1 can be utilized as a very small embedded DSP system, providing developers with a programmable DSP processor, FPGA, and an extensive range of communication and I/O resources in a tiny surface mounting 30x36mm PLCC package.

The UC1394-1 multi-chip module features a 2-port IEEE 1394a FireWire Interface, a Texas Instruments TMS320C5509 DSP Processor, Xilinx 50kGate Spartan®-II FPGA, 8MBytes SDRAM, and 512kBytes of FLASH ROM - all contained within a tiny 30mm x 36mm, 116 pin PLCC footprint.

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