AeroComm Releases Upgraded Design Suite for Wireless OEMs

9/26/2003 - Global supplier of complete transceivers for industrial and commercial use, AeroComm Inc. announces the release of its upgraded 900MHz and 2.4GHz Design Suites. The new kits include all tools necessary to help OEMs set up, test and configure their wireless applications before deploying them. Even more, Design Suites feature dedicated time with RF engineers to assist throughout development, antenna selection and certification.

Each wireless integration kit now includes AeroComm's convenient loop-back feature. When enabled, loop-back mode allows an OEM to distance-test using just one PC, which quickly alerts its design engineer of how far to expect successful transmission. Adding to this convenience are status LEDs, which instantly indicate varying modes, ranges and operations, while toggle switches allow for easy physical configuration and reset.

AeroComm has built three more interfaces into the system to suit any given application. Both 2.4GHz and 900MHz versions now support RS232, RS485, RS422 and USB connections, to fit older as well as new PC systems without requiring adapters. Additional hardware items include the company's award-winning ConnexRF transceivers, adapter boards, power adapters and cables, antennas, site analysis tools and documentation.

The two ConnexRF transceivers have configuration parameters stored in EEPROM that are used to customize the interface mode and provide for general system setup. Both modules ship with default parameters already configured, to enable out-of-the-box operation. Upgraded Windows®-based GUI software enables easy personalization of the transceivers, supporting virtually any configuration-from basic point-to-point to complex peer-to-peer.

A useful "What's This?" help file gives fast access to Suite details. Each parameter is identified with a description plus a list of optional settings. Easy-to-use test points then assist with network troubleshooting. The system is so straightforward that even RF beginners can get their products up and running in a matter of minutes. OEMs are able to make modifications on-the-fly to meet changing needs, such as speed, broadcast or addressed, channels, security features, etc.

"Many OEMs are not wireless experts. RF is complex, so they should make sure they have a proven successful team on their side to speed time to market, increase the probability of success and allow them to focus on their core products," said John Eckart, AeroComm's Vice President of Sales. "With AeroComm tools and support backing them, they have access to over twelve years of experience with a wide variety of issues: integration, network design, security, mechanical issues, agency approvals, antenna selection and placement within the product."

AeroComm is introducing its upgraded Design Suite bundle at $995. And through December 31st, 2003, this cost will be reimbursed with the OEM's first order of 100 transceivers. Both 2.4GHz and 900MHz Design Suite versions are available directly from AeroComm, through Avnet Electronics, and from reputable distributors globally. Visit the company's web site for more information.

About AeroComm
Formed in 1990, AeroComm has played a major role in the short-range RF industry for over a decade with consistent technological advances in both performance and price. The company made waves in 1994 by gaining FCC approval for the first 2.4GHz spread spectrum transceivers. Soon after, it introduced its groundbreaking $200 digital sequence commercial module. In 1996 AeroComm shifted to frequency hopping for greater interference immunity in any environment. Its innovative design techniques resulted in superior modules using inexpensive materials-producing a cost-per-module that suited vastly more applications. AeroComm broke the $100 price barrier in 1998. Responding to the growing demand for affordable yet versatile wireless, AeroComm quickly developed the first complete line of 2.4GHz OEM RF transceivers. These products were backed by the company's own fully-automated radio testing system, measuring all critical parameters and assuring the highest quality.

Today the company continues to support a myriad of applications where wireless was previously cost-prohibitive. Its robust proprietary technology, manufacturing and testing guarantee reliable communication, while lower frequencies (i.e. 900MHz) and fewer parts allow for reduced prices. Additionally, AeroComm has adopted the motto of "Instant Wireless"-a commitment to facilitate fast and easy RF integration. Its comprehensive development tools and personal engineering support help OEMs reduce R&D schedules, expenses and uncertainties while accelerating time to market. The company's breakthrough RF232TM transparent protocol further simplifies the wireless effort by making transceivers perform as wires. Over the next ten years AeroComm will respond to the market's need for more powerful features in ever-smaller, less expensive transceivers. It is the manufacturer's ambition to make wireless practical for any application.

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