Tilcon Unveils Interface Development Suite 5.0 for Wind River VxWorks

9/26/2003 - Version 5 of the Tilcon Interface Development Suite (IDS) for Wind River Systems’ VxWorks is now available from Tilcon Software Limited.

Tilcon IDS (v.5) is the fastest, most cost effective way to create today’s demanding embedded graphical interfaces. The sharpness, reliability, and real-time performance of its high-end graphical objects result in precise, photorealistic displays and instrument clusters. Tilcon IDS features a user-friendly design tool with a drag & drop, WYSIWYG editor. Screens can be fully customized and much of the user interface logic specified with straightforward property sheets. Simulation capabilities are available at the click of a button and developers simply tie graphical objects to their data source using the Tilcon API. This dramatically cuts development time and eliminates the tedious and error-prone chore of hand coding a complex graphical interface, as well as countless recompilations.

“The release of Tilcon IDS version 5 raises the bar for the rapid development and deployment of embedded devices requiring high-end graphics,” noted Prosanto Sarkar, Tilcon’s VP of Marketing. “Version 5 features some of the industry’s most sophisticated GUI and HMI objects. New anti-aliasing and rendering techniques are a leap forward in screen sharpness and performance under running conditions. The Tilcon IDS (v.5)’s advanced networking technology allows devices to perform remote control/display under all supported platforms and to dynamically update applications. Tilcon’s user interface technology is modular and scalable making it ideal for small footprint devices. With OPC, ODBC, GIS Builder and pre-integration with numerous third party technologies (browser, haptics, touch screen, etc.), Tilcon IDS is an outstanding solution for embedded developers keen on delivering a better product to market—reliably, inexpensively, and in record time.”

Tilcon IDS (v.5) is the culmination of many years of research, development, and optimization on mission critical, real-time, and embedded systems and has undergone extensive pre-release testing with major automotive, aerospace, defense, and VME board vendors. Tilcon currently supports VxWorks 5.5/5.4 (with Tornado 2.2 IDE), QNX RTOS (4.x and Neutrino), Windows XP/XP embedded, Windows CE 3 and CE NET, Pocket PC and Windows 2000/NT/98. A wide range of processors are supported, including X86, XScale, IBM PowerPC, Motorola PowerPC, Strong ARM, and SH4 with Amanda companion processor. Developers may use all ANSI standard C/C++ compilers (such as MS Visual Studio, Borland, Metrowerks, and GNU).

Tilcon has been named a “Premier Partner” of Wind River Systems Inc. and has recently formed exciting new alliances with Renesas Technology America, Inc.and DY 4 Systems Inc.

To download free demos, 30-day evaluation software, white papers, or online documentation, visit www.tilcon.com.

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