Vitesse Validates SONET Performance with XFP Module Form Factor

9/24/2003 - Vitesse Semiconductor Corp. (Nasdaq: VTSS) announced it has completed the first series of extensive performance verification tests between its VSC8473, a 16-bit, 9.953 to 11.3Gbps SerDes integrated circuit, and several XFP modules proving that SONET performance requirements can be met with the XFP module form factor.

Vitesse's verification tests of XFP module to host board SerDes performance provides OEMs with the industry's most comprehensive analysis to date of expected system performance and technology trade-offs. The Vitesse design guidelines developed from these tests will help OEMs avoid high-speed design challenges and also determine the suitability of the XFP form factor for use in their system versus other MSA form factors.

By 2005, XFP modules are expected to be the dominant 10G optical module solution. Utilization of this form factor requires system designers to accommodate 10 Gbps XFI data signals on printed circuit board traces and design other performance features typically located inside an optical module such as the 300-pin MSA transponder. This design architecture requires jitter generation, jitter tolerance, jitter transfer and receiver sensitivity to be measured and validated. Vitesse built its XFP SONET performance validation test methodology around these four key areas.

Testing was completed over supply and temperature corners to verify XFP and SerDes operation in a typical system environment. The tests separately measure the contribution of the XFP module, SerDes and board layout considerations such as trace length and material.

At ECOC 2003 (Booth #636), Vitesse will further promote the advantages of XFP modules such as port density, protocol agnostic performance and cost savings, by conducting interoperability demonstrations of its VSC8473 10 Gbps CMOS SerDes IC with five leading optical module manufacturers: E2O, Finisar, Ignis Optics, Luminent and OpNext. To date, Vitesse has proven interoperability with seven leading XFP module manufacturers.

"Through this performance testing and our continued worldwide interoperability work, Vitesse is leading the validation of the XFP form factor," said Tony Conoscenti, director of product marketing for Vitesse's Transport Products Division. "This effort has resulted in a proven reference design that exceeds system requirements and is valuable to OEMs that want a verified solution that shortens their time-to-market."

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