Spectrum Helps Thales Detect Mines in Unmanned Underwater Vehicle

9/24/2003 - Spectrum Signal Processing Inc. (NASDAQ: SSPI / TSX: SSY), a leading provider of high performance solutions for wireless signal and packet-voice processing, announced that it will be providing software reconfigurable signal processing platforms to Thales Underwater Systems. The platforms, based on Spectrum’s SDR-3000 family of software reconfigurable platforms, will be used for detection of mines from an unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV).

“This is yet another example of the power and broad applicability of Spectrum’s software reconfigurable platforms for use by NATO allies in applications ranging from signals intelligence and military communications to radar and sonar,” said Sean Howe, Vice President and General Manager of Spectrum’s Wireless Systems Group. “The flexibility and processing power of software reconfigurable platforms like the SDR-3000 are enabling future military systems to meet the objectives of a new paradigm in military warfare that will result in greater effectiveness with lower risk to human life.”

Unmanned underwater vehicles are an attractive means for mine detection as they can be remotely controlled, thereby not jeopardizing human lives during a mission. Underwater explosive mines have become increasingly stealthy and are often situated in confined or shallow waters, which makes them even more difficult to detect. New generation mine hunting sonars demand sophisticated signal processing techniques and technologies to address these challenges.

The flexComm SDR-3000 configuration for Thales combines high performance Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) from Xilinx® and PowerPC® processors from Motorola and IBM to do the sonar processing. In order to get maximum benefit from the processing power of the platform, RapidIOTM and Spectrum’s Solano® fabric provide high speed interconnects between the processors. Spectrum will also provide software and FPGA support.

About Thales Underwater Systems
Thales Underwater Systems (TUS) is the major supplier of sonar and allied systems to naval forces worldwide. In addition to its three domestic customers (France, UK, and Australia), TUS has an export customer base of about 40 nations. The Company is the only sonar system supplier which provides a complete range of systems for anti- submarine warfare and mine warfare, for use by all platforms — nuclear and conventional submarines, surface ships, fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters, minehunters and unmanned underwater vehicles. In addition, TUS supplies seismic oil and gas exploration systems, torpedo homing heads, and port security systems. These products are backed by a comprehensive range of customer support products and services. For more information, visit www.thales-underwater.com.

About Spectrum Signal Processing Inc.
Spectrum Signal Processing designs, develops and markets high performance wireless signal processing and packet-voice processing platforms for use in defense and communications infrastructure equipment. Spectrum’s optimized hardware, software and chip technology work together to collect, compress and convert voice and data signals. Leveraging its 16 years of design expertise, Spectrum provides its customers with faster time to market and lower costs by delivering highly flexible, reliable and high-density solutions. Spectrum subsystems are targeted for use in government intelligence, surveillance and communications systems, satellite hubs, cellular base stations, media gateways and next-generation voice and data switches. More information on Spectrum and its flexComm and aXsTM product lines is available at www.spectrumsignal.com.

TM flexComm and aXs are trademarks of Spectrum Signal Processing Inc.
® Solano is a trademark of Spectrum Signal Processing Inc.
® Xilinx is a trademark of Xilinx, Inc.
®PowerPC is a trademark of International Business Machines Corporation.
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