Cypress Rolls Out Quad Independent-Channel SERDES with Simultaneous Op

9/23/2003 - Cypress Semiconductor Corporation (NYSE: CY), a world leader in point-to-point physical layer devices (PHYs), announced the addition of a new chip to the highly successful HOTLink IITM family of products. The CYV15G0403DXB is the industry’s first quad independent-channel device to transmit or receive up to four totally independent channels of multiple video protocols in a single device. The Independent-Channel HOTLink II transceiver is targeted specifically at professional video applications requiring Society of Motion Pictures and Television Engineers (SMPTE) standard compliance and to video transport applications requiring Digital Video Broadcast-Asynchronous Serial Interface (DVB-ASI) standard compliance.

Cypress’s highly integrated HOTLink II independent-channel transceivers are some of the most flexible on the market, offering a wide operating range (0.2-1.5Gbps), bypassable 8B/10B encoding, and redundant outputs. Each HOTLink II independent-channel device integrates transmit, receive, first-in first-out (FIFO), and encoder/decoder (ENDEC) functionality in a single-chip solution.

“Cypress’s HOTLink II independent-channel devices provide the most robust and versatile video SERDES solution. These devices enable the next generation of professional video equipment that will support both the current standard definition and emerging high definition professional video specifications,” said Geoff Charubin, director of marketing and applications for Cypress’s Data Communications Division. “Through independent channel configuration, system vendors will benefit from a simpler and more flexible architecture while at the same time realizing design efficiencies through reduced board space, power and component count.”

HOTLink II independent-channel transceivers are the only quad-channel SERDES on the market to enable both Standard Definition Interface (SDI) and High Definition (HD) video applications at the same time, in the same device. The devices meet both SMPTE-259M (270Mbps) and SMPTE-292M (1.485Gbps) digital television broadcast speeds, as well as the DVB-ASI (270Mbps) video transport standard. By consolidating four stand-alone devices into a single, independent-channel chip, designers will realize a 70% component count reduction, reduced board space, and a cost reduction of approximately 50%, all without sacrificing design flexibility.

Pricing and Availability
The independent-channel HOTLink II devices are sampling now and are available in a 256-ball BGA.

For further information on the HOTLink II family and other Cypress physical layer devices, please contact your local Cypress Sales Representative or visit our website at

About Cypress
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