Denki Receives Award for Best Emerging-Platform Developer

9/22/2003 - Denki, the Scottish-based games developer has been named Best Emerging-Platform Developer at the Develop Industry Excellence Awards 2003, held in London.

The awards recognise excellence in the games development sector and this is the first year that interactive television has been included in the proceedings, as an 'Emerging Platform' for games content.

Over the past eighteen months, Denki has developed six new games for digital television including HULK, Pac-Man and the companys own Denki Blocks!, which appear on the Sky Gamestar service in the UK, reaching over 6 million subscribers. The company has created a number of unique development processes, which allow games to be designed, developed and deployed within a short timescale and to a very high quality.

"Creating games for digital television is an extremely demanding process, both technically and creatively," says Colin Anderson, Managing Director of Denki. "The technology imposes significant constraints on us, but more importantly the average TV viewer will not tolerate the poor product design seen in many of today's computer games. Unlike the traditional computer game audience who will persevere with awkward interfaces and the like, TV audiences simply switch off so products have to be carefully designed and balanced to provide instant pick-up-and-play appeal. Its an interesting challenge and one that Denki is perfectly suited to. The company was founded on the principle that the player always comes first and we ensure every feature included in our products improves the players experience. This principle is core to a successful product. Additionally, we have built the company around processes that allow us to create highly polished and enjoyable games within tight commercial deadlines. No other developer can match our ability in this area. We are very pleased to have received the award as it confirms that Denki is leading the way in this emerging market."

Adrian Pilkington, Head of Games at Sky said "Sky Gamestar is the leading interactive games portal in the world with over 1.4 million viewers each week. Denki are one of the few companies who can deliver the quality of products we require to tight development schedules. They are making a great contribution to the continued success of Sky Gamestar."

Denki are continuing to innovate within the interactive television sector and are already exploring new opportunities. "Gaming on digital television is still a very young market," says Anderson. "Creative and technological boundaries have not yet begun to be explored. Denki is committed to pushing back the boundaries of this new platform and we are already prototyping several unique concepts. As the market grows, we will continue to work with pioneering companies like Sky who share our interest in discovering just how revolutionary this area can be."

About Denki
Founded in 2000 by several DMA Design veterans, Denki makes digital toys and games - from anything, for anything, no matter how limited the technology. Denki believes anything can be made fun to play with in digital form. Denki toys are attractive and easy to pick up and play with. The company is the creator of the multiple award-winning Denki Blocks!, winner of 'Overall Best Game of the Show' and 'Best Handheld Game of the Show' at ECTS 2001. Denki Blocks! was also nominated for a BAFTA Award in 2002. The game is one of a new generation which spans multiple technologies including Nintendo's Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance; Java-enabled mobile phones, published by Digital Bridges and interactive Digital Television (iDTV) through Sky Gamestar. The company also created 'Go! Go! Beckham!' a Game Boy Advance title based on Rage Software's David Beckham licence, which turns the world's favourite footballer into a hero in his own platform game. More recently Denki has recreated a number of classic arcade titles for use on iDTV including Pac-Man, Super Breakout and Bust-A-Move. The company is continuing to explore the possibilities presented by new 'non-dedicated' platforms such as iDTV and mobile phones, as they present a real possibility of penetrating the mass-market like no other games technology before.

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