Virtio Softboard Emulates Texas Instruments Innovator Kit for OMAP

9/22/2003 - Virtio Corporation, the creator of virtual platforms for embedded software development, announced that the VPOM-1510 Softboard will be included on the third party CD shipping with the new Borland® C++BuilderXTM Integrated Development Environment (IDE). The VPOM-1510 Softboard is a fast, full-function software emulation of the TI InnovatorTM Development Kit for the OMAPTM Platform. By including an evaluation copy of the VPOM-1510 Softboard on the Borland C++BuilderX third party CD, Virtio is helping embedded developers using C++BuilderX to evaluate and run their software on mobile devices powered by the popular TI OMAP1510 wireless platform.

Shay Ben-Chorin, president and CEO for Virtio noted, “The inclusion of Virtio's Softboard technology in the Borland C++ BuilderX third party CD is significant from two aspects. First, it shows the continued expansion of Virtio's technology to a broader audience of embedded systems developers engaged in creating software for next-generation mobile devices. Second, it further validates the strength of Virtio's technology as applied to hardware platforms and development environments. Each 'porting' of our technology to another major development environment is a significant step in deploying Virtio technology to the broadest possible audience of embedded system developers.”

J.P. LeBlanc, vice president and general manager of mobile and C++ solutions at Borland said, “We are pleased to be able to include Virtio's Softboard technology among the offerings provided in our third party CD. This demonstrates the flexibility and extensibility of Borland C++BuilderX. For our users, being able to develop and run software applications on a software-based implementation of a typical mobile device is of significant value in terms of their effectiveness, both from a time and cost perspective, in developing next generation products. And, because the Softboard is extensible via web updates in terms of software as well as hardware, our users can keep pace with technology enhancements as they happen.”

The Virtio Softboard included on the third party CD shipping with Borland C++BuilderX is an evaluation copy of Virtio's Softboard for the TI OMAP1510 Innovator Kit. This evaluation copy is preconfigured to run the Symbian OSTM 7.0.11 with a UIQ user interface and includes instructions on how to use the Softboard with C++BuilderX. This helps enable C++BuilderX users to run their software on the mobile device Softboard. With the inclusion of Virtio Softboards, C++BuilderX users can evaluate and run software on a typical mobile device; have access to a software model that is readily available, reliable and extensible via web updates for software (new and revised OSs as well as middleware) and hardware; and can perform easy, automated testing of the software running on the mobile device using standard, software-based desktop testing tools. Virtio's Softboard is included on the third party CD for Borland® Enterprise Studio for Mobile, Borland® Mobile Studio, Borland® Enterprise Studio for C++, along with Borland® C++BuilderXTM Enterprise Edition, Borland® C++BuilderXTM Developer Edition and Borland® C++BuilderXTM Mobile Edition.

Softboards are one of the three types of platform products provided by Virtio. Virtio's platforms provide models of embedded systems including processors, peripherals and user interfaces as well as connections to real world-like serial ports and network connections. Specifically, Softboards are targeted at application developers that need the hardware functionality but have no need to see inside the hardware. The Softboard is designed to be a complete software implementation of a silicon providers' reference platform and can run real target binaries.

Virtio's other products include the Platform Development Kit (PDK) and the Virtual Platform (VP). The PDK is targeted to developers that need the ability to customize the platform to match their embedded device while the VP is targeted at software developers that need visibility and control of the hardware for integration. All three products support C++BuilderX development environments.

About Virtio
Virtio powers dramatic gains in software development by delivering early access to fast, full-function software emulation of embedded devices. Virtio is based in Campbell, California in the U.S.A with development centers at Campbell and the Alba Centre, Livingston, Scotland. Additional information about Virtio is available at

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