IP Infusion Unveils ZebOS Advanced Routing Suite 6.0

9/18/2003 - IP Infusion, a leading provider of intelligent network software for enhanced IP services, announced the availability of ZebOS® Advanced Routing Suite (ARS) version 6.0. ZebOS ARS now includes Distance Vector Multicast Routing Protocol (DVMRP), Differentiated Services (DiffServ) and the ZebOS Integrated Management Interface (IMI). IP Infusion’s extensive portfolio of Layer 2 and Layer 3 IP protocols and its powerful management plane enables equipment manufacturers to accelerate time to market, lower costs and integrate an advanced, fully-tested networking solution.

"With the addition of DVMRP and DiffServ, the ZebOS ARS 6.0 release further demonstrates IP Infusion's commitment to provide the most advanced and comprehensive set of networking software available today to our OEM customers," said Nick Keating, President and CEO of IP Infusion. "DVMRP is one of the most prevalent multicast routing standards and is a key requirement for provider and customer edge routing equipment. DiffServ over MPLS is a next generation technology that enables end-to-end quality of service across MPLS networks. In addition, our new integrated management interface offers our customers a flexible and extensible management solution that is invaluable in terms of development time and expense.”

About ZebOS Advanced Routing Suite Version 6.0 Features

DVMRP Support
The ZebOS DVMRP Module is a multicast source code solution that provides connectionless delivery of data to a multicast group. DVMRP is the oldest routing protocol to support multicast data transmission and it continues to be one of the most widely deployed multicast protocols on the Internet today. The ZebOS DVRMP implementation conforms to the IETF RFC 1075 standard and the draft-ietf-idmr-dvmrp-v3-10.txt draft standard for DVMRP. The ZebOS DVMRP Module supports multicast data forwarding only and interoperates with other ZebOS ARS protocols and the ZebOS IMI management solution.

DiffServ and DiffServ TE Support
ZebOS ARS 6.0 supports DiffServ over MPLS and DiffServ-Aware MPLS Traffic Engineering (DiffServ-TE) to classify and prioritize network traffic. DiffServ over MPLS enables DiffServ priorities to be mapped to MPLS paths to maximize performance and reliability requirements. The ZebOS DiffServ Module implements IETF RFC 3270 that extends DiffServ Quality of Service (QoS) capabilities over MPLS networks.

The ZebOS DiffServ-TE Module combines the QoS capabilities of DiffServ with the efficient use of transport resources provided by MPLS Traffic Engineering. DiffServ-TE allows MPLS communications equipment to simultaneously classify and prioritize traffic and achieve fine-grained optimization of transmission resources. The ZebOS DiffServ-TE Module complies with draft-ietf-tewg-diff-te-proto-04.txt.

ZebOS Integrated Management Interface (IMI)
The ZebOS IMI provides a complete management plane solution that centrally configures and controls all of the ZebOS ARS protocols. The ZebOS IMI includes an industry-standard, feature-rich command line interface and can be easily integrated with network management systems or extended to manage proprietary applications. The ZebOS IMI is a standalone daemon that maintains a persistent connection to routing daemons, stores configuration data and offers extensive logging capabilities.

In addition to the ZebOS IMI, IP Infusion offers the optional ZebOS IMI Shell, a client application that provides flexible SSH or Telnet management that may be deployed on communications equipment or on a separate management console. The ZebOS IMI Shell supports sophisticated input and output functions and system diagnostic tools.

ZebOS ARS version 6.0 is available immediately for delivery. For further details, please visit our web site at www.ipinfusion.com, send an email to info@ipinfusion.com, or call 408.794.1500

About IP Infusion's ZebOS Routing Suites
IP Infusion designs, develops, and markets its ZebOS family of advanced IP routing suites, which are based on a unique, modular, multi-process architecture featuring control-plane components that provide route redistribution and conversion, management services, and an OS/processor abstraction layer for routing and switching modules. This high-performance routing software features IPv4/IPv6 versions of OSPF, BGP, RIP, and IS-IS routing protocols; PIM-SM and DVMRP multicast protocols; MPLS, BGP-VPN, VPLS, RSVP-TE, DiffServ, and CR-LDP switching and signaling protocols; Mobile IP, routing redundancy, virtual routing, Layer 2 VPN (draft Martini), TCP/IP dual stack, and Layer 2 switching support. ZebOS software suites can be delivered as portable, platform-independent source code or server solutions.

About IP Infusion
IP Infusion is a leading provider of intelligent networking software for enhanced IP services. The company's software includes core routing and switching technology that enables equipment vendors, service providers, telecommunications companies and enterprises to rapidly build and provision a broad range of standards-based and value-added IP services. Founded in 1999, IP Infusion has employees in San Jose, California; Cary, North Carolina; Boston, Massachusetts; and Europe. The company has a growing global customer base in the wired and wireless networking markets. IP Infusion is a member of the Network Processing Forum, IPv6 Forum, Service Creation Community, Intel® Communications Alliance, OPSEC Alliance, and an active participant in the IETF. For more information about the company and its products call (408) 794-1500 or visit www.ipinfusion.com.

ZebOS is a registered trademark and IP Infusion and the ipinfusion logo are trademarks of IP Infusion Inc.

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