Sun Banks on Bank One's High-volume Electronic Payment Application

9/18/2003 - Sun Microsystems, Inc. (NASDAQ: SUNW) and Bank One (NYSE: ONE), announced their collaboration in the mass market delivery of Bank One's high-volume electronic payment application. The application, previously available only for the government sector, runs on Sun's SPARC[r]-based servers and secure Web infrastructure consisting of the Trusted Solaris[tm] Operating System(OS) and Sun[tm] Web and Proxy Servers. It offers businesses a highly secure, reliable channel for financial transactions that can be tailored to serve each customer's individual needs.

"As the industry's focus on security continues to heighten, we see growing demand for Trusted Solaris integrated with Sun's Java[tm] Enterprise System services to power secure financial transaction solutions," said Jonathan Schwartz, executive vice president, Software at Sun. "Companies are increasingly looking for proven, secure computing infrastructures to help them remain competitive in the face of debilitating viruses. As a result of the relationship between Sun and Bank One, corporate enterprises, large and small, across countless industries, can deploy a secure business architecture that protects the integrity of mission-critical data."

The Bank One solution has a track record of successful use by government agencies. Bank One processes electronic payments for the U.S. Department of Treasury and runs highly secure services for the Department of Homeland Security. Designed for 24/7 availability, the solution's flexible architecture offers consumer payment initiation and transaction processing via the Web. The Web platform is based on the same architecture as Bank One's secure government site for processing payments, which is accessed more than one million times each week. In total, the system processes 40 million payments representing nearly $800 billion annually.

Speaking at the SunNetwork[sm] Conference and Pavilion in San Francisco, Mark Dickelman, chief technology officer of Bank One's government technology solutions business unit, said, "For years, consumers and corporations have relied on the banking industry to set the standards for the security and reliability of new technologies. Working with Sun, we're bringing a solution to market that employs heightened security, supports industry standards, and can scale based on customers' ever-evolving needs."

About the Bank One Payment Solution
Using the Bank One payments solution, businesses may initiate payments through a comprehensive set of channels ranging from paper through electronic. The system runs on Sun's SPARC[r] -based Sun Fire[tm] V1280, V280 and V120 servers, Trusted Solaris and proven secure Web and Web Proxy Servers. For more information on Bank One payment solutions, send e-mail to

About Trusted Solaris
The only OS in the marketplace available on both SPARC and x86 platforms, Trusted Solaris is certified under the Common Criteria security standard against EAL4 (Evaluated Assurance Level) with the following protection profiles: Labeled Security Protection Profiles (LSPP), Role Based Access Control Protection Profile and Controlled Access Protection Profile (CAPP).

About Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Since its inception in 1982, a singular vision -- "The Network Is The Computer" -- has propelled Sun Microsystems, Inc. (Nasdaq: SUNW) to its position as a leading provider of industrial-strength hardware, software and services that make the Net work. Sun can be found in more than 100 countries and on the World Wide Web at

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