Agilent, Denali Speed Chip Design with PCI Express Validation Process

9/17/2003 - Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) and Denali Software Inc. announced a collaboration to develop a comprehensive design validation process for chip designs incorporating the PCI Express interconnect standard. The resulting solution is expected to speed PCI Express system development by enabling designers to coordinate pre-silicon verification tests with post-silicon test and analysis efforts.

The first milestone in the effort, demonstrated by the companies at the Intel Developer Forum, provides a common PCI Express packet viewing capability for the pre-silicon simulation and post-silicon hardware debug. This joint offering gives PCI Express designers the ability to view simulated PCI Express traffic data from Denaliís PureSpec verification tool in the Agilent E2960A protocol analyzerís graphical user interface. For the first time, designers can seamlessly track potential errors captured during hardware debugging back into the pre-silicon simulation environment to help identify the source of the problem.

The Agilent E2960A test series, the most complete and innovative array of test equipment in PCI Express, supports the industryís move from parallel to serial I/O buses for duplex speeds of x8, x4 and x1 bandwidth. The Agilent E2960A test series for PCI Express is the first protocol implementation in the Agilent serial protocol tester XC, offering a universal hardware approach with analyzer and exerciser applications, protecting the customerís investment. Agilent also offers the industryís first PCI Express x1 protocol test card E2969A for compliance testing.

The Denaliís PureSpec verification tool is the industry-leading solution for verifying compliance and interoperability for PCI Express designs. Chip designers use PureSpec to model and simulate the interaction between the chip design and other potential PCI Express devices. Working with the PCI-SIG and over 50 vendors engaged in PCI Express designs, Denali has developed thousands of assertions or rules that are automatically monitored by PureSpec during simulation. Erroneous PCI Express interface activity is immediately flagged, enabling designers to identify and fix potential bugs before the design is implemented in silicon.

"Agilent is committed to continuous innovations on the Agilent serial protocol tester XC in order to foster the PCI Express technology and the move from parallel to serial buses for all computer interconnects," said Siegfried Gross, vice president and general manager for Agilentís Digital Verification Solutions Division. "Our collaboration with Denali is one of the steps linking pre-silicon design verification and post-silicon analysis that will help our customers focus on whatís most important to them -- creating great new next-generation computing and communication platforms."

"We are seeing a tremendous amount of design activity as companies race to implement PCI Express technology in their next-generation chips," said David Lin, Denali vice president of strategic products. "Like Agilent, Denali made a very early commitment to enable the transition to PCI Express by providing customers with best-in-class design and verification solutions. It is very exciting to work with Agilent. With this joint solution, we are now able to bridge the gap between pre- and post-silicon design efforts for our customers, which ultimately streamlines the chip design process and speeds time to market for PCI Express products."

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