RadiSys Fully Integrates CompactPCI PICMG 2.16 Platform with SYS50

9/17/2003 - RadiSys Corp. (Nasdaq: RSYS) announced the RadiSys SYS50, the industry's first fully integrated, CompactPCI PICMG 2.16 platform. The SYS50 is ideal for high availability applications such as signaling, media gateways, VoIP gateways, switching and routing functions, billing servers and storage servers including HLR and VLR. The RadiSys SYS50 is the latest addition to the company's family of switched fabric blade products based on CompactPCI, CompactPCI 2.16 and ATCA form factors and broadens the company's range of modules for blade servers, SS7, dual OC-3c line cards and NPU modules, among others.

The RadiSys SYS50 is an integrated platform consisting of a 9U chassis, layer 2 switches, CPU blades, media modules and platform management capability all integrated with the operating system. RadiSys has pre-validated each building block to ensure platform level compatibility. This means customers no longer need to spend their precious development time performing validation testing of individual building blocks from multiple vendors, which can be time consuming. Instead, the RadiSys SYS50 provides customers a proven system platform that can be used as the foundation for their production configuration, shaving months off their development time.

"RadiSys has emerged as a leading provider of integrated, application ready platforms," said Scott Grout, president and CEO. "We have taken outsourcing of modular functionality to the next level by offering complete, integrated embedded systems for use in next generation commercial, enterprise and service provider systems."

OEMs designing CPU and switch intensive applications used in data centers and central offices are pressured to provide fault-tolerant, high-density systems that are scalable. Driving this need is the enormous compute power required to cost effectively support complex applications in the control, services and management plane. The need for flexible server systems continues to escalate as these applications proliferate. Blade servers are cost effective and scalable by design and therefore offer a compelling value proposition. As a result, OEMs are beginning to rely on modular solutions that can maximize budgets and resources, allowing them to develop better products, faster.

"Validation and testing an integrated solution can take many months," said Fred Yentz, vice president for RadiSys. "Providing customers with a validated and fully integrated platform helps them reduce development cycles and ultimately improve their time to market and product realization costs."

The RadiSys SYS50 offers multiple modular slots per shelf that can be configured with any combination of CPU cards, I/O cards and/or media modules. This flexibility allows the SYS50 to service a broad range of media and/or CPU intensive applications. RadiSys engineered the SYS50 with 5 nines (99.999%) high availability ensuring customers "always on" operation. The RadiSys always on architecture means customers achieve carrier grade reliability at data center costs and they can also easily port applications across platforms ensuring full compliance with SAF and HPI. The SYS50 also provides legacy cPCI support, including H.110, allowing integrators to configure legacy I/O boards with CPU boards that support the standard CompactPCI interface and PICMG 2.16 interconnection. Two pre-defined configurations are available for customer development: 1. The CP50-DC-LS comes complete with a CP50 chassis that includes two 300W DC power supplies, two EPC-3100 Fast Ethernet switches with integrated platform management, two EPC-3311 CPU blades, a MM50 media module with one 20GB IDE hard disk drive, a CD-ROM drive and Monta Vista Carrier Grade Linux 3.0 pre-installed. 2. The CP50-DC-LSM has the same basic configuration as the CP50-DC-LS and includes a DM50 media module with two 18GB SCSI hard disk drives. An AC power supply is also available as an option.

About the RadiSys SYS50
In addition to providing PICMG 2.16 compliance, high availability and legacy CompactPCI support, the RadiSys SYS50 offers high density in a 9U package. Up to 52 CompactPCI slots can be configured with CPU cards, I/O cards or media modules when configured in a typical 40U high frame. The SYS50 also features shelf management, which has been integrated into the switch, meaning there is no need for a separate Chassis Management Module (CMM). The RadiSys SYS50 also supports PCI and switched blades easing the migration path from PCI to switched backplanes. Additionally, the SYS50 supports H.110 and can be configured as a compute or storage server.

Pricing and Availability
The RadiSys SYS50 is available immediately and priced at $24,245 (US) for the CP50-DC-LM configuration. OEM quantities and pricing are available. Please contact RadiSys at 800-950-0044 for more information.

About RadiSys
RadiSys is a leading global provider of embedded solutions to the commercial systems, enterprise systems, and service provider systems markets. Using its extensive expertise in a wide variety of technologies, RadiSys focuses on industry-leading architecture while working in a close "virtual division" relationship with its customers -- significantly improving their time-to-market advantage and reducing cost. The broad range of RadiSys product offerings include board-level embedded computers; blade servers; motherboards; network interfaces and packet processing engines; communications middleware and software such as SS7/IP internetworking and protocol stacks; platforms based on PCI, CompactPCI, CompactPCI 2.16 and ATCA; turnkey gateway systems and professional services.

RadiSys is a registered trademark of RadiSys Corporation.

For more information, contact RadiSys at info@radisys.com or call 800-950-0044 or 503-615-1100.

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