IDT Unveils Four-PLL Clock Architecture for Desktop Computers

9/16/2003 - Underscoring its commitment to the growing clock management device market, IDTTM (Integrated Device Technology, Inc.; Nasdaq: IDTI) announced that it has entered the PC clock market with a family of devices (CV104, CV105, CV107 and CV109) targeting current desktop computing platforms. Leveraging its expertise in providing clock-distribution and -generation solutions to the communications IC market, IDT has developed a new PC clock architecture that is the foundation for these new devices. The IDT PC clock architecture employs four phase-locked loops (PLLs) that, for the first time, allow complete, independent control of key clock circuits within the system, thereby resulting in increased system performance and reliability. The IDT PC clocks replace traditional three-PLL clock architectures. The devices, packaged in a 48-pin SSOP, fit seamlessly onto boards that currently employ three-PLL architectures. Thus, board manufacturers can update their designs to increase system performance with a simple device replacement.

“Our decision to enter the PC clock arena was prompted by the change we are seeing in PC clocking requirements,” said Kevin Walsh, director of strategic marketing for the IDT timing and logic division. “PC architectures are starting to require telecommunications-like clocking technology, including support for serial I/O standards. IDT is a strong, innovative market leader with expertise in communications systems, and as such, is capable of leveraging its knowledge in the communications space to address the increasingly demanding clock management requirements in upcoming computing architectures.”

Furthermore, the industry’s leading board manufacturers are responding to the IDT PC clocks with great interest and are currently evaluating the devices for existing computing platforms.

“The incorporation of the IDT 4-PLL architecture is an important milestone for the PC market,” said Y.T. Lee, vice president of research and development with ABIT Computer Corporation. “With the IDT PC clock devices, we are able to continue to deliver superior platforms that include the most up-to-date PC architecture innovations, thereby enabling our customers to realize increased system performance.”

The IDT PC clock architecture offers independent clocking of CPU, PCI (Peripheral Component Interconnect), SRC (Serial Reference Clock) and USB interfaces. Each clock can be individually optimized within the system, resulting in superior system performance. The CPU clock supports output frequencies up to 533 MHz while the PCI clock output supports up to 133 MHz, offering frequency overhead well above the range of existing solutions. The IDT PC clock architecture also incorporates programming that enables a linearly scalable frequency adjustment as opposed to the commonly used discrete stepping approach, allowing enthusiasts the ability to fine-tune their system for better performance. In addition, with independent spread-spectrum control (SSC), each of the three SSC-capable PLLs within the device can be programmed independently to reduce EMI within the system.

Pricing for the current family of PC clock devices (CV104, CV105, CV107 and CV109) starts at $4.15 in 1,000-unit quantities. The devices are currently sampling, with production quantities available within a month. Setting the stage for future growth in this market, the company intends to follow this announcement with a suite of PC clock devices that serve next-generation notebook and desktop computing platforms. These devices will also be based on the IDT 4-PLL technology. Click here for additional information about the IDT PC clocks. Click here to download a high-resolution image.

About IDT Clock Management Devices
IDT is a leading provider of clock management solutions for communications and computing applications, offering a broad range of over 350 devices that focus on providing clock distribution and clock generation solutions. The company is one of a few suppliers in the industry that offers a clock management product portfolio consisting of programmable skew PLLs, Zero-Delay PLLs, clock generators and clock fanout buffers. In addition, IDT has leveraged its expertise in communications-specific clocking technology to develop value-added devices for non-communications market segments, including a JEDEC-defined DDR2 PLL and register chip set for dual in-line memory modules (DIMM) and a family of PC clocks.

About IDT
IDT enhances the global network with semiconductor solutions for communications companies that lead innovation and drive convergence in voice, data and wireless networks. IDT is focused on enhancing system bandwidth with communications-specific products including network search engines, content inspection engines, flow-control management devices and the InterpriseTM family of integrated communications processors. The portfolio is also comprised of products optimized for communications applications, including telecom products, FIFOs, multi-ports, and clock management products. In addition, the product mix includes high-performance digital logic and high-speed SRAMs to meet the requirements of leading communications companies.

Headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif., the company employs approximately 3,100 people worldwide and has a wafer manufacturing facility in Oregon, and test and assembly facilities in the Philippines and Malaysia. IDT stock is traded on the Nasdaq Stock Market® under the symbol “IDTI.” The company is included in the S&P 1000, which is a combination of the S&P MidCap 400 and S&P SmallCap 600 Indices, and is also part of the S&P SuperComposite 1500, which combines the S&P 500, MidCap 400, and SmallCap 600. Additional information about IDT is easily accessible at

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