Atmel Rolls Out ARM-based SOC for Smart DiskOnKey in Less than One Year

9/16/2003 - Atmel® Corporation (Nasdaq: ATML) announced the volume production of Atmel's fourth-generation ARM®- based System-on-Chip (SoC). The exclusive fourth-generation controller, called the DOK T4 which includes M-Systems technology, supports the total functionality and security of the M-Systems industry-leading Smart DiskOnKey® Platform. In a record period of less than one year, the start of design to the initial shipping of units has been achieved.

The first-generation DiskOnKey was supported by an Atmel ARM-based microcontroller standard product complemented by a gate array and discrete components; the following three generations have been powered by Atmel ASICs of increasing complexity. The additional features provided by each successive generation, coupled with a reduction in unit price, have helped M-Systems to gain and hold its market-leading position in the fast-growing and highly competitive market for portable data storage systems. The latest generation DiskOnKey T4 Platform features the highest USB 2.0 drive speeds currently available and industry-leading data protection including DES/Triple DES, SHA-1 and RSA PKI encryption.

The rapid ramp-up of the fourth-generation product validates all the key elements of Atmel's SiliconCITYTM SoC development strategy:

A fifth-generation System-on-Chip is currently in development that will include an even higher level of data security and numerous application-specific features.

Commented Didier Sroussi, Atmel's ASIC Marketing Manager, "We are very proud to collaborate with M-Systems on such an innovative and revolutionary product line as DiskOnKey. Working together on five successive generations of this product demonstrates Atmel's success in meeting M-Systems' aggressive targets of performance, time-to-market and cost. This is a concrete result of the SiliconCITY System-on-Chip strategy that we have been developing and refining over a number of years. As we move to the next generation with M-Systems we shall be looking to leverage this business model to include other similar partnerships."

"By incorporating Atmel's technology into our Smart DiskOnKey platform we have been able to create a device that exceeds market expectations," said Blaine Phelps, Director of Worldwide Marketing for the DiskOnKey Business Unit. "Our award-winning DiskOnKey family of products has achieved market leadership through the aid of Atmel's technology, giving us the flexibility to create advanced applications using our DOK T4 ASIC that provides our customers with security, personalization and unmatched performance."

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