RadiSys Develops Intel IXC1100-based Dual Processor Mezzanine Card

9/15/2003 - RadiSys Corp. (Nasdaq: RSYS) announced the RadiSys EXS-6424, the industry’s first dual processor PrPMC based on the Intel® IXC1100 control plane processor. The EXS-6424 is the latest in a family of PrPMCs available from RadiSys and adding the new product strengthens RadiSys’ position as the PrPMC performance leader.

RadiSys designed the PICMG 2.15 compliant EXS-6424 to meet the demanding needs of mid-range control plane applications used in broadband access and edge service markets. The EXS-6424 provides outstanding CPU power, in a small package, and is ideal for processor-intensive applications such as control plane processing for intelligent line cards and content and signaling blades for broadband access (Intelligent DSLAM), metro routers, edge service switches (MSS/IP service switch) and 2.5/3G wireless (BTS/Node B, BCS/RNC, MSC, GGSN, SGSN).

“The EXS-6424 broadens our PrPMC family to include RISC processor architectures,” said Venkataraman Prasannan, senior director of marketing, for RadiSys. “Using the EXS-6424 OEMs have a modular, low power solution to address control plane processing for their broadband access and edge service products.”

The EXS-6424 offers a single architecture for ultra-low power and high performance. EXS-6424 power consumption is extremely low, requiring less than 10 watts for a complete PrPMC complex delivering more then 2000 MIPS. A PICMG 2.15 and VITA-32 compliant PrPMC, the EXS-6424 is compatible with industry standard PrPMCs and PrPMC carrier cards. The EXS-6424 features the same Intel® XScaleTM processors as the IXP2400 and IXP2800, which means development teams can leverage a common set of development tools and expertise. With a form factor and electrical interface based on industry standards, the EXS-6424 provides a simplified system design and allows the use of a modular compute platform in compact packaging.

RadiSys has modularized the CPU of an embedded design by placing it on an easily upgradeable mezzanine card. In the past, single-board computers were all inclusive; made up of the processor, supporting chipset and memory, and all I/O functions on a single board. RadiSys’ unique approach of confining the CPU complex to a separate mezzanine card allows OEMs to enhance processing power and memory without redesigning the complex I/O. A simple swap of the mezzanine card is all that’s required to upgrade processing power. This saves time, maximizes budgets and also protects the organization’s high-speed I/O investment.

About the EXS-6424
The RadiSys EXS-6424 was designed to support processor-intensive broadband access and edge service applications and features the Intel IXC1100 processor operating at 533MHz.The EXS-6424 offers two independent IXC1100 processors, each with up to 256 MB ECC SDRAM. The PrPMC is available in either a single or dual processor configuration. With two independent processors, the EXS-6424 provides significant processing capability and when combined with software, the processors can also be used in a soft symmetric multi-processing configuration.

To maximize I/O bandwidth and enable OEMs to improve performance and time-to-market, the RadiSys EXS-6424 supports two 10/100 BaseT Ethernet ports to the front panel and two 10/100 BaseT Ethernet ports to the baseboard (as per PICMG 2.15), as well as 32 bit/66 MHz PCI bus connectivity.

The EXS-6424 supports a wide range of applications and system environments and is compatible with popular embedded operating systems including Linux and VxWorks. The EXS-6424 is also compliant with the requirements of FCC Class B and CISPR B for deployment worldwide.

Pricing and Availability
The EXS-6424 will be available in the fourth quarter of 2003. The EXS-6424-D1100 (dual version) is priced at $895 (US, MSRP) and the EXS-6424-S1100 (single version) is priced at $540 (US, MSRP). Please contact RadiSys at 800-950-0044 for more information.

About RadiSys
RadiSys is a leading global provider of embedded solutions to the commercial systems, enterprise systems, and service provider systems markets. Using its extensive expertise in a wide variety of technologies, RadiSys focuses on industry-leading architecture while working in a close “virtual division” relationship with its customers -- significantly improving their time-to-market advantage and reducing cost. The broad range of RadiSys product offerings include board-level embedded computers; blade servers; motherboards; network interfaces and packet processing engines; communications middleware and software such as SS7/IP internetworking and protocol stacks; platforms based on PCI, CompactPCI, CompactPCI 2.16 and ATCA; turnkey gateway systems and professional services.

RadiSys is a registered trademark of RadiSys Corporation. For more information, contact RadiSys at info@radisys.com or http://www.radisys.com or call 800-950-0044 or 503-615-1100.

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