Seodu Inchip Licenses IDway-MHP on IBM PowerPC with Skelmir's CEE-J VM

9/15/2003 - IDway announced it has licensed its Multimedia Home Platform (MHP) implementation for digital Set-Top boxes to Korean set-top box manufacturer Seodu Inchip. IDway-MHP for PowerPC is a version of DVB-MHP 1.0.2 middleware specifically optimized to ensure high-performance execution on IBM integrated controllers with Linux all within a minimal memory footprint. IDway provides a complete turnkey solution to manufacturers including porting and certification services for their IDway powered Set-Top Boxes.

IDway's MHP for PowerPC product has been paired with Skelmir's powerful CEE-J virtual machine for hosting MHP on set-top boxes and integrated TVs. Portable and widely available, CEE-J offers advanced graphical capabilities already built in enabling customers to create professional TV-centric UI's ideal for television display with a minimal memory footprint.

"We are honored to supply CEE-J to Seodu Inchip" said Shari Agatstein, CEO of Skelmir.

Mr In Jae Lee , Executive VP of Seodu Inchip said: "DVB-MHP markets in Europe and Asia are important for Seodu therefore we selected carefully IDway and Skelmir as the best partners able to deliver a full DVB-MHP middleware certified in such tight schedule."

Seodu Inchip is planning to start the shipment of the first DVB-MHP Set-Top boxes before end of this year.

"All the team of IDway is thrilled to work with Seodu to deliver the first certified MHP Set-Top Box on Linux!" said Patrick FINK CEO of IDway.

About MHP
The DVB-MHP standard defines a generic interface between interactive digital applications and the platforms on which those applications execute. This interface allows for the separation of a broadcaster's application from the hardware and software on which it will execute, The platforms on which MHP are targeted include set-top boxes, home and media gateways, integrated digital TV sets. Developed by the Digital Video Broadcast Project (DVB), an industry-led consortium of over 300 broadcasters, manufacturers, network operators, software developers, regulatory bodies and others in over 35 countries, is committed to designing global standards for the delivery of digital television and data services. Conformance testing is under the supervision of the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI).

About IDway
IDway is a French company developing software for Digital TV consumer equipment (Flat screen and Set-Top Box). IDway's first product is IDway-MHP, a DVB-MHP middleware combining high portability with minimal memory footprint.

About Seodu-Inchip
Seodu Inchip is a leading Set-Top Box manufacturer, selling under the brand "NextWave" a full range of Digital Set-Top Boxes in Europe and Asia. Seodu Inchip is selling through an extensive network of distributors in 12 countries and has offices in Europe (Germany) and Middle-East (Dubai)

About Skelmir
Skelmir provides small footprint, robust software infrastructure for hosting interactive applications on embedded devices.

Skelmir's market proven, small footprint, high performance CEE-J virtual machines host industry specific standards such as MHP and OCAP and other interactive applications on embedded devices. Available for an extensive range of platforms, Skelmir's family of clean room CEE-J virtual machines support embedded and consumer devices for interactive TV, video conferencing, mobile enterprise, industrial testing, scientific monitoring, handheld communications and more. Visit us at

Skelmir and CEE-J are trademarks of Skelmir. Java and all Java based marks are trademarks of Sun Microsystems, Inc. Skelmir, LLC is an independent company offering proven clean room virtual machine technologies for multiple Java Platforms. Skelmir is not affiliated with Sun Microsystems, Inc.

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