EmergeCore Rolls out eCommerce in a Box

9/15/2003 - EmergeCore Networks, a leader in the development of high-value, low-cost integrated IT solutions for small business and branch offices, announced new eCommerce features now available on the award-winning IT-100 "IT in a Box". Adding to a host of powerful features that make it easy to build a wired or wireless network, the IT-100 now allows small businesses to quickly and securely sell products and services on the Internet. Expected to top $12 trillion worldwide by 2006*, eCommerce transactions have historically been enabled by complex, costly solutions involving multiple vendors and multiple components. The IT-100 now allows small businesses to compete squarely against much larger organizations with a secure, professional eCommerce presence.

"Establishing an online presence versus a traditional brick and mortar business allows a company to quickly reach a much larger market, and at a lower cost then the traditional brick and mortar model," said Dave Brown, EmergeCore president and CEO. "With the IT-100 a small business can now compete effectively in the global market against more complex, multi-component eCommerce solutions."

"Clearly, the transaction cost economics for most small and medium business enterprises dictate the necessity to move goods and services to a Web commerce platform and essentially lower the operational burden associated with selling to customers," said Frank J. Bernhard, technology economist and managing principal with OMNI Consulting Group LLP, an economic advisory and assurance research firm in Davis, California. "EmergeCore's IT-100 solution embodies the achievement of reduced technical complexity coupled with a rapid Web delivery presence for launching virtually any business into the digital commerce marketplace."

eCommerce for Small Business
Now available through solution providers in the U.S., the eCommerce enhanced IT-100 offers a more manageable, more powerful, more flexible, more robust solution for the small office/home office environment. The IT-100 can be quickly set up and managed at the business' location without the expense of outside hosting services. New functionality found in the IT-100 empowers small businesses to offer customers:

IT in a Box®
Currently shipping, the IT-100 combines 20 gigabytes of storage with a router, a four-port switch, a firewall, a "wi-fi" wireless access point, an FTP server, multiple domain support, an e-mail server and VPN services in a single $1,395 device.

In addition to its unparalleled low price point, the IT-100 greatly reduces the need for costly IT support. Even a non-technical person can set up and manage the IT-100 through the CoreVista Web browser interface. There's no software installation required. With on-board WEB Site Builder, the IT-100 is the only network device to allow users to quickly and easily design and build their own Web sites, with no need to perform an FTP upload.

The GUI Windows-like interface of the CoreVista software is so simple that even a non-technical staff member could set up the network in minutes. The resulting network can support PCs, Macintosh workstations, and Unix machines-basically any device with an Ethernet or wireless access point, including laptops, Tablet PCs and PDAs. With the built in wireless LAN access point, a small business can save the expensive task of wiring an office. With the built in VPN Server, a small business has the ability to remotely and securely connect to the office network, and multiple remote offices can securely connect to the head office. A small business can even create and host its own Web site without ever having to upload an FTP file. An office staff member can easily handle all of the setup functions of the IT-100, or if they choose, they can administer the unit through a local ISP, CLEC, or a consultant or reseller. The IT-100 design is particularly appealing to the SMB with limited office space.

About PayPal
PayPal, an eBay company, enables any business or consumer with email to send and receive Internet payments securely, conveniently and cost-effectively. PayPal's network builds on the existing financial infrastructure of bank accounts and credit cards to create a global payment system. PayPal has more than 23 million member accounts and is available to users in 38 countries including the United States. PayPal is based in Mountain View, California; further information about the company can be found at www.paypal.com.

About EmergeCore
Founded in September 2000, EmergeCore Networks is focused on the further development of "IT in a Box"® networking solutions for small business and branch office customers. To reduce costs and simplify IT solutions, small businesses are focusing on simple, easy to manage technologies. EmergeCore Networks developed the IT-100 specifically to address the infrastructure technology needs of the small business customer. The IT-100 all-in-one IT solution provides the support, services, and functionality required for the small business owner. EmergeCore is a private company based in Boise, Idaho. For more information about EmergeCore, readers can visit the company's Web site at www.emergecore.com.

* Source: United Nations Conference on Trade and Development - eCommerce and Development Report 2002

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