EMG Sekects Domosys, DomesticSoft for Advanced Energy Management System

9/15/2003 - Energy Management Group (“EMG”) ASA has chosen PowerBus as its control networking platform for its new energy management system. This advanced system is developed for the European commercial building market. It collects energy and temperature data, and uses this to optimize the energy consumption of buildings.

The system uses PowerBus technology for communication over existing AC power line wires between the various nodes of the system, such as data loggers, temperature sensors and relay nodes. This makes it an ideal solution for the large retrofit market. In addition to PowerBus, the system integrates the DomesticSoft E2net software that enables remote retrieval and management of the data in each building. The E2net software has the necessary PowerBus drivers to allow a seamless network from the node to the Internet and the end-user.

Mr. Frode Petersen, President of Energy Management Group ASA, explains, “I have worked with different power line communication technologies over the years. PowerBus was easy to implement and this technology has given our system outstanding communication performance, even in very large buildings. The E2net software allowed us to deploy the system in several installations very quickly, and thus greatly reduced the all important time-to-market”.

The short development cycle of the EMG system was made possible by combining the experience of Energy Management Group in energy management systems, the simplicity of PowerBus and DomesticSoft’s knowledge of PC software applications and control networking.

“Our versatile E2net software application has been specifically designed to facilitate the collection, management and presentation of data from remote applications such as the EMG system,” said Throstur Jonsson, President of DomesticSoft. “We are excited to be part of this success.”

“Domosys is proud to have its PowerBus technology chosen as the backbone of such an innovative system,” said Evan Price, President of Domosys. “EMG turned its concept into reality in just a few months and now has its system installed and running smoothly in many buildings. This is an excellent demonstration of the capabilities of PowerBus.”

EMG is on track to deploy its energy management system in over 100 buildings in Scandinavia by the end of 2003.

About Energy Management Group (EMG) ASA
EMG provides complete energy control and management solutions to the commercial building market in Scandinavia. EMG's customers speciliaze in optimizing energy usage and require accurate data monitoring and control systems that can communicate over the building’s existing wiring and be accessible over the Internet.

EMG's employees have over 10 years experience in energy management and power line communication. EMG is a privately held corporation with offices in Oslo, Norway.

For more information contact:

Frode Petersen
Telephone: +47 908 33 659

About DomesticSoft
DomesticSoft has over 4 years experience in designing OPC based control networks and more than 12 years experience in factory and building control software development. DomesticSoft offers a comprehensive range of services from hardware advise to developing specialized software modules based on its highly modular products OPC2net. DomesticSoft is a member of the OPC foundation www.opcfoundation.org.

DomesticSoft, Inc. is a privately held corporation with international headquarters in Atlanta, GA, USA and research & development headquarters in Mosfellsbaer, Iceland.

To learn more about DomesticSoft, and its products and services, visit the company’s Web site at www.domesticsoft.com.

For more information contact:

Throstur Jonsson
Telephone: +1 011-354-566-8686

About Domosys
Founded in 1994, Domosys Corporation is a leading provider of control networking technology to the residential, utility and commercial markets. The company provides a complete portfolio of products and services, such as transceivers and development software, required by Original Equipment Manufacturers (“OEMs”) to successfully develop and market products for control networks. Domosys’ communication technology transforms any stand-alone product into a device that can be controlled or monitored either locally or remotely over the Internet. Utilizing narrow-band transceivers, signals are sent and received over existing power lines or twisted pair wires, reducing the need for new wires or infrastructure to be built.

Domosys Corporation is a privately held corporation based in Quebec City, Canada. To learn more about Domosys and its products and services, visit the company’s Web site at www.domosys.com

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