Applied Data Ships Bitsy-X Single Board Computers with FlashFX

9/15/2003 - Datalight, a market leader in embedded systems software, announced FlashFXTM 6.1 will ship with Applied Data Systems (ADS) Bitsy-X® single board computers. Based on the Intel PXA255 processor and Microsoft Windows CE .NET 4.2 operating system, ADS' Bitsy-X is a full-featured, 3x5-inch single board computer targeted at PDA/handheld, instrumentation, medical monitoring, and other battery-powered embedded applications. With integrated FlashFX memory management software, developers using the Bitsy-X board now have a powerful yet easy-to-use solution for dealing with the complexity of resident flash memory.

Datalight FlashFX is tailored to take full advantage of the latest Windows CE .NET 4.2 operating system. While Windows CE .NET now includes basic functionality for flash memory management, many vendors continue to choose FlashFX for comprehensive functionality, complete documentation, access to source code, and technical support from Datalight's flash memory experts.

"We chose Datalight FlashFX because it is the clear market leader in flash memory management solutions," said Bob Olsen, CEO of ADS. "Datalight's engineers acted like an extension of our own development team, which really helped us get the Bitsy-X to market faster. They helped flatten our learning curve by taking on the role of team specialists in the management of flash memory."

"The Bitsy-X platform features a relatively large 32MB flash memory array, which requires careful management to ensure both data integrity and device reliability," said David Cloutier, President and COO, Datalight. "Working with customers like ADS to provide flash memory management software for their systems has been a great experience. In doing so, we not only provide software we are very proud of, we also learn more about our customer's needs in serving their markets. In the case of ADS this includes automated teller machines, kiosks, vending machines, and point-of-sale devices."

Datalight FlashFX
Based on patented technology and more than 30 man-years of development, FlashFX simplifies working with flash memory by presenting a familiar block oriented interface to the file system and applications, while hiding the more complex issues involved in using flash memory technology.

For applications that require a high frequency of writes to and reads from resident flash memory, such as digital cameras, FlashFX handles critical management tasks like small sector emulation, wear-leveling, and error detection and correction. In applications where flash memory is used to field upgrade devices, FlashFX's powerful API calls enable developers to store the existing image while they update to the new one.

Datalight's FlashFX Adaptation Kits support a wide range of leading embedded operating systems, including Accelerated Technology Nucleus, Datalight ROM-DOS, Microsoft Windows CE .NET, and Wind River Systems VxWorks. OSE Systems also includes FlashFX in their operating system.

About Applied Data Systems
Applied Data Systems (ADS) is a leading developer of RISC-based "application-ready" embedded solutions. ADS solutions are ideally suited for mobile and Internet-enabled applications requiring wireless connectivity. Headquartered in Columbia, Maryland, ADS has been a leading provider of single board computer technology for the embedded systems market since 1984. For information about ADS, see or call 301-490-4007.

About Datalight, Inc.
Established in 1983, Datalight provides essential, high-quality, cost-effective embedded system software that helps its OEM customers add value to their products and bring them to market quickly. Datalight's embedded software helps create applications used on a daily basis such as pay phones, credit card terminals, electronic medical instruments, personal digital assistants, bar-code readers, global positioning systems, and smart cellular phones. Datalight is a privately held corporation located in Bothell, Washington. You can find more information on Datalight's website

FlashFX is a trademark of Datalight, Inc. ThreadX is a registered trademark of Express Logic.

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