TelcoBridges Selects Adaptive Digital for High-density DSP Solution

9/12/2003 - Adaptive Digital Technologies, Inc. (Adaptive Digital), a provider of custom and standard DSP algorithms announced they have been selected to develop a high-density turnkey DSP solution for TelcoBridges' TB640 platform. TelcoBridges, Inc. provides high performance platforms that allow telecommunication system integrators to achieve their efficiency and profitability objectives.

The solution is based upon the TI TMS320C6415(tm) DSP. Each DSP will be hosting 512 channels of VoIP, conferencing, tone detection, tone generation and other functions on a single 600 MHz DSP. "We are pleased that TelcoBridges has selected us to develop the VoIP/conferencing Solution hosted on the TMS320C6415 DSP", said Brian McCarthy, President of Adaptive Digital. "Given TelcoBridges' expertise in board level telecommunications products and Adaptive's experience in DSP Telecom software solutions and the C6000 architecture, we believe it is a natural fit for both companies and will be proven through the successful deployment of the TB640 platform."

The TelcoBridges' TB640 platform is a 16 to 64 trunk E1/T1/J1 single slot cPCI adapter and combines multiple DSP devices to reach a processing capacity of up to 2000 channels of VoIP and other functions. "TelcoBridges selected Adaptive Digital because their efficient algorithms combined with the Telcobridges' architecture did satisfy our high density requirements", said Gaetan Campeau, President & CEO of TelcoBridges. "Adaptive Digital's ability to expedite the solution was also a factor as it helps us attain our aggressive time to market goals. Hence we are able to provide additional benefits to our customers by enabling them to supply cost-effective, high-density, high-performance solutions to the telecommunications market in a very timely manner."

About Adaptive Digital Technologies, Inc.
With over ten years of experience in the application of DSP in the area of voiceband communications, Adaptive Digital Technologies, Inc. ( offers highly optimized carrier-grade DSP Software building blocks such as telephony algorithms, speech compression, and echo cancellation, packaged to meet all applications. Adaptive Digital's DSP 'Chip' Solutions are a collection of DSP algorithms and Texas Instruments hardware components, which together handle signal-processing tasks for specific end equipment. Adaptive Digital's ipPhoneChip(tm), G.PAK(tm)Chip, G.168 Echo Canceller Chip, and Conferencing Chip, lets system designers leverage proven solutions, allowing them to focus their efforts on rapid product development. Adaptive Digital is a member of the TI's TMS320(tm) Third Party Program, the most extensive collection of Digital Signal Processing development support in the industry.

About TelcoBridges inc.
TelcoBridges ( is a young company whose founders possess an excellent track record in the field of telecommunications. The existing TelcoBridges team has the pertinent expertise and knowledge to supply telecommunication system integrators with the highest quality board-level solutions and service. TelcoBridges has developed a technology platform, which satisfies both the present and future needs and wants of communication system integrators. The TelcoBridges solution allows its clients to position themselves advantageously in the telecommunications market. TelcoBridges supplies the TB640, a high-density telephony platform providing reliability and redundancy and combining up to 64 trunks of E1/T1/J1 connectivity on a single cPCI blade with ISDN and CAS signaling, IVR, conferencing, VoIP and many other functions.

TI TMS320C6415(tm), and TMS320(tm) are trademarks of Texas Instruments. ipPhoneChip(tm), and G.PAK(tm) are trademarks of Adaptive Digital Technologies, Inc.

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