Fujitsu Unveils FRAM ICs for Security, Microcontroller, RF ID

9/11/2003 - Fujitsu Microelectronics America, Inc. (FMA) introduced to the North American markets two new ferroelectric RAM (FRAM) products developed for security, computing and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) applications.

Fujitsu's new FRAMs - the MB89R116 and MB89R111 - are embedded into RFID transponders for a wide range of applications. Both FRAMs provide data retention periods of 10 years, and deliver the industry's highest reliability and lowest power consumption.

The introduction of the new FRAMs to the U.S. extends Fujitsu's industry leadership in advanced memory technology. In 1998, the company was the first to incorporate FRAMs into microcontrollers and, in 1999, released the industry's first production quantities of standalone FRAMs. Since then, Fujitsu's FRAMs have been designed into smart cards, security devices and RFID transponders. All Fujitsu FRAM devices are produced at the company's facility in Iwate, Japan.

"Fujitsu has been a leader in ferroelectric RAM technology for many years, pioneering early development with Ramtron, then delivering standalone and embeddable versions to the computer, security and industrial markets," said Keith Horn, vice president of marketing for Fujitsu Microelectronics America. "These new products deliver pacesetting performance with very low power consumption, extended data-retention capabilities, and the industry's highest read/write endurance, which significantly surpasses both EEPROM and Flash durability. The devices are well suited to portable computing, data collection and security designs where low power consumption, rapid access times and non-volatility are key requirements."

Embedded FRAMs in RFID Tags Track Product Quality Control
The MB89R116 is an FRAM-embedded device developed to track product quality through distribution channels. It incorporates 2Kbytes of FRAM with an 8-byte block memory structure. Memory access is a fast 75 microseconds per block, and the data transmit/receive rate is 26.46 Kilobits/second. Total memory capacity is 2,048 bytes, with 2,000 bytes of user memory area, far higher than the 64 to 256 bytes typical of EEPROM-equipped radio frequency tags. This will allow far more extensive data to be stored. The FRAM operates at 13.5 MHZ, with a maximum input current of 20mA and inter-antenna input capacity of 24pF.

The MB89R116 complies with ISO/IEC15693, providing all the specification's anti-collision features. It is ideal for use as an embedded device in a broad range of industrial and retail delivery systems including retail stock and order management, or home-appliance product management. The embedded FRAM also can be used in systems that support advanced logistics management for delivering food, books, apparel or appliances, or that manage airplane luggage or parcel shipments. Radio frequency tags equipped with the R116 will process data at approximately twice the speed of tags using EEPROMs.

Sample price for the MB89R116 is $0.65. Volume pricing is available upon request.

FRAM-Equipped R111 RFID Set for Low Power, Fast Read/Write Applications
FMA's new FRAM-equipped RFID transponder IC, the R111, was developed according to ISO/IEC specification 14443 Type B for factory automation, product tracking, transportation ticketing, and other applications in which low power and fast, durable read/write capability are primary requirements.

The R111 transponder includes 2 Kbytes of 128-block FRAM, which consists of eight memory pages. The FRAM memory map is divided into a 32-byte system area and a user area. Manufacturer-assigned device serial number and customer-specified user ID and application ID can be programmed before shipping. For maximum security, these IDs cannot be rewritten without clearance by the write access control area.

The R111's RF operating field frequency is 13.56 MHz. The FRAM provides a data-retention period of 10 years, with write endurance of 1010 cycles in operating temperatures of 55 degrees C and below. The communication range is approximately 10cm. The IC implements the ISO/IEC-based, slotted-ALOHA anti-collision algorithm.

The FRAM-equipped transponder operates by first establishing a dialog with the reader/writer. The reader/writer applies the RF operating field to activate the transponder, which waits for a command from the reader/writer, then follows the command and returns a response to the reader/writer. The device incorporates a sophisticated data-protection scheme to prevent a writing error to FRAM, which can result from a drop in supply voltage during memory access and unintentional power shutdown.

Sample price for the MB89R111 is $0.70. Volume pricing is available upon request.

Fujitsu Microelectronics America
Fujitsu Microelectronics America, Inc. (FMA) leads the industry in innovation. FMA provides high-quality, reliable semiconductor products and services for the networking, communications, automotive, security and other markets throughout North and South America. For product information, visit the company web site at

FRAM is a trademark of Ramtron International Corporation.

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