Compuware Helps Children Services with Web-Based Case Management System

9/10/2003 - Compuware Corporation (NASDAQ: CPWR) announced that it has built a web-accessible case management system for Montgomery County Children Services (MCCS). Compuware professional services staff developed the Web Family and Child Tracking System (WebFACTS), a web-based application that enables caseworkers to document and track case information regarding reported child abuse and neglect cases. Caseworkers can easily access WebFACTS from any location using a laptop with an Internet browser to instantly enter and retrieve information about a family, saving time. MCCS is the first child welfare agency in Ohio that has a web-based case management system that meets state-mandated reporting requirements.

Montgomery County Children Services investigates about 3,700 child abuse and neglect cases each year. Staffed with 176 caseworkers, the agency needed to track detailed information about reported cases of child abuse and neglect more efficiently, so caseworkers could spend less time at the office and more time helping families. Automating the agency’s manual process of documenting and tracking case information, however, meant developing a web-based system, a project too large for the agency’s eight-person IT team.

“WebFACTS has allowed our agency to become more mobile,” said Mary Ann Drewry, Director of Quality Centered Services at MCCS. “Our caseworkers don’t always have the luxury of working in an office in front of a PC. They work in the community making visits to homes, so having instant access to case information is crucial.”

Armed with Microsoft .NET technology to build the system and Compuware DevPartner, QACenter and Vantage products to test, debug and monitor application performance, Compuware professional services staff built the web-accessible case management system. WebFACTS streamlines processes, eliminating time-consuming manual steps. Caseworkers now have instant access to information to respond quicker to crisis situations. In the past, MCCS used a system that lacked the flexibility to adapt to the agency’s procedures. This meant that caseworkers had to hand-write the details of a report incident on a multiple-page form, copy the form and distribute the copies to an assigned social worker for follow-up. A team of data entry personnel then had to manually enter the information into a DOS-based system.

Today, more than 90 percent of MCCS employees, ranging from the executive director to caseworkers to clerical staff, have access to the new web-based case management system. Caseworkers have reduced their paperwork while improving overall efficiency. Many of the tedious manual recording tasks that consumed caseworkers time in the past are eliminated with WebFACTS, allowing them to collect and disseminate information faster as well as generate reports in a more timely and consistent manner. Also, with its own case management system up and running, MCCS no longer needs to wait the standard six-to-eight months for reports generated by the state; now they can generate reports on demand.

“Compuware was very flexible and worked very closely with us to understand our business needs and required processes,” said Drewry. “As our technology needs changed, Compuware brought in the technical expertise to adapt with us. We developed a positive relationship and trust, so we were able to confront issues together. It was truly a team effort.”

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