Innovative Semiconductors Rolls Out Full Speed USB 2.0 Transceiver

9/10/2003 - Innovative Semiconductors, Inc. (Innovative) announced the availability of its Full Speed USB Transceiver OTG Physical Layer Hard Macro. The SL88 USB Core is compliant with the USB 2.0 Specification and has been verified in .18-micron Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) Digital CMOS process. The design can be easily mapped into different process technologies. The SL88 supports 12Mbits/s “full speed” and 1.5Mbits/s “low speed” operation, Power down mode and data line VBUS pulsing session requests. Besides the Full/Low speed transceiver, the SL88 implements the VBUS comparators, the ID detector and the pull–up/pull–down resistors.

Innovative’s USB transceivers product line support Device, Host and OTG applications for High/Full/Low Speed. It has been ported to several process technologies including TSMC 0.13-micron, TSMC 0.18-micron, TSMC 0.25-micron and LSI Logic 0.18 micron. LSI Logic, Motorola and National Semiconductors are among Innovative’s USB 2.0 silicon licensees. Innovative Cores were proven in silicon and certified for USB 2.0 Compliance.

Analog and mixed-signal content in System-On-Chip (SOC) designs is quickly rising. It is expected that the majority of IC designs will have mixed-signal content in a few years. To address that market, Innovative has developed several mixed-signal blocks including USB PHY, IEEE-1394 PHY, Phase Lock Loop (PLL), and Clock and Data Recovery (CDR). Its library of Analog Macrocells includes DAC, Voltage Converters, and Band Gap Reference voltage among others. All of the Macrocells have been verified in silicon.

Innovative has achieved several high profile design wins for its High Speed Serial Interface Technology such as eSilicon, Honeywell, Infineon Technology, Jet Propulsion Labs, LSI Logic, Oki Semiconductor, Mentor Graphics, Mitel, National Semiconductor, Motorola and Samsung among others.

About Innovative Semiconductors, Inc.
Innovative’s Mixed-Signal products have gained acceptance among some of the world leaders in the Consumer and the Computer markets. Innovative’s Licensees include 3dfx, Agilent, Conexant, Creative Technologies, Evans & Sutherland, Honeywell, IBM, Infineon, JPL, LSI logic, Mitel, National Semiconductor, NVIDIA, OKI, S3, Samsung, Siemens, SGS Microelectronics, Trident and TVIA. Innovative’s technology has been designed in a variety of applications ranging from PCs, PC peripherals, Internet appliances, set top boxes to satellites. The company is a member of the USB-IF, TSMC IP Alliance Program and UMC IP Program. The Company is also a partner of Design and Reuse and the Virtual Component Exchange. For more information about Innovative, visit

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