Parasoft's AEP Improves Software Quality, Reliability for Transcore

9/10/2003 - Parasoft, leading provider of Automated Error Prevention software solutions announced that TransCore, a leader in ground transportation management systems and the largest global manufacturer of transportation-based radio frequency identification (RFID) products commonly used for electronic toll collection, has adopted Parasoft’s AEP MethodologyTM and uses Parasoft JtestTM to automate unit testing and static analysis for their Java-based software projects.

"Jtest enhances our ability to achieve our software quality and performance goals while meeting established timelines," said Giorgio Frondoni, a Software Manager at TransCore. "With Jtest, we not only get test automation but also the ability to store and track test results, allowing us to measure and monitor our performance and progressively improve our development process."

Many of TransCore’s software projects require custom development work to adapt their products to meet specific contractual needs. Frondoni and his team use Jtest to unit test and enforce coding standards on the back office components of their toll collection transaction software. The systems interact with lane control equipment at toll plazas, generating toll collection transactions for payment by credit card, ACH or cash. That information is then used for traffic and revenue analysis and is shared with customer service and other business units.

"Jtest helps prevent problems from being propagated to the next level, which could be very expensive to fix on every project," said Frondoni. "TransCore is contractually required to go through extensive pre- and post-deployment system testing. Software errors that cause system failure at this stage of testing could have a huge negative impact."

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About Jtest
Parasoft Jtest® is an Automated Error Prevention product for Java that performs static analysis, unit testing, and regression testing with the click of a button. Jtest is the first development product of its type to automate all aspects of unit testing for Java, including white-box, black-box and regression testing. User-defined test cases and stubs can be added as needed. Jtest also automatically enforces a set of good coding practices, including over 300 industry-standard rules that support Enterprise Java Beans (EJBs), Design by Contract (DbC), JavaServer Page Technology (JSPs), servlets and security. The RuleWizard feature enables users to create and enforce any number of custom coding standards, and tailor the standards enforced to a particular project or group. By integrating Jtest into the development process, developers can increase code stability, reduce testing time, and prevent errors to improve software quality and reliability.

About Parasoft
We make software work. – Parasoft provides Automated Error Prevention solutions that combine advanced products, services and expertise to help companies automatically prevent errors throughout the software lifecycle, to improve software quality and reliability. Based on Parasoft AEP Methodology, the company’s solutions and products automate practices such as coding standards, static analysis, unit testing, regression testing, load & stress testing, functional testing, integration testing, application testing and monitoring. The solutions enable software development and IT organizations to significantly reduce costs by shortening production cycles, improving overall quality and reducing time-to-market. Parasoft is has been granted nine patents and numerous awards for the technology behind its innovative line of solutions and products. Founded in 1987, Parasoft is a privately held company whose clients include IBM, HP, Daimler Chrysler and over 10,000 companies worldwide. Parasoft is headquartered in Monrovia, CA. Telephone (888) 305-0041. Fax (626) 305-3036. Email to URL:

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