TI Unveils High-Performance TMS320DM64x Digital Media Development Kit

9/9/2003 - To make it as easy as possible for designers to develop digital media applications, Texas Instruments (TI) (NYSE: TXN) is introducing the comprehensive TMS320DM64xTM Digital Media Development Kit (DMDK) available today. This comprehensive kit comes with a 600 MHz TMS320DM642 evaluation board (EVM), high-speed XDS560 PCI-based emulator and the powerful Code Composer StudioTM (CCStudio) integrated development environment (IDE) along with a full suite of application software and utilities.

DMDK Leverages Powerful DSP-Based Digital Media Processor
The kit helps developers fully leverage the DM642 DSP, an extremely versatile DSP-based digital media processor for the video and imaging market. First, the high level of peripheral integration has three configurable 20-bit video I/O ports, a built-in Ethernet media-access controller and a 32-bit PCI master/slave interface. Second, building on the achievement of TI´s TMS320C64xTM generation of DSPs, the processor addresses video designers´ needs to get to market fast with the latest suite of audio and video algorithms. The DM642 at 600 MHz is capable of processing up to four simultaneous MPEG2 video decodes, D1 (720x480) resolution, at 30 frames per second. The DM642 is also capable of full Main-Profile-at-Main-Level (MP@ML) MPEG-2 video encoding in real time.

"Customers are demanding high performance, cost effective digital media processors for video encoding and decoding, as well as a programmable platform that provides the flexibility required for the demanding processing tasks in the digital media market," said Thomas Brooks, TMS320DM64x product marketing manager, TI. "TI´s DM64x digital media suite of processors integrates powerful video, audio and communications peripherals, as well as the optimal combination of performance and ready-to-use application software."

Comprehensive development kit gets designers up and running quickly
The DMDK brings together the industry´s most powerful and complete set of media-optimized DSP tools and includes everything a designer needs to get DM642-based designs prototyped and debugged without delay. The major components of the kit are:

Pricing and Availability
The DMDK lists for $6,495 and is available from TI distributors. Purchasers of the kit also have access to proven eXpressDSPTM-compliant algorithms for video and imaging, video and audio codecs, networking stacks and middleware modules developed by leading third parties in the TI developer network. For those users who already own a copy of CCStudio, an emulator and their own camera and software, the DM642 EVM board is available as a target platform for $1,995. DM642 600 MHz silicon is available today for video and developers to get started on their designs. To order these products or get more information on the DMDK, see www.ti.com/dmdklaunch.

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