Phoenix Technologies Roll Out FirstWare Assistant for Mobile PCs

9/9/2003 - Phoenix Technologies Ltd. (Nasdaq: PTEC), the company driving the global core system software standard in hundreds of millions of PC systems and connected digital devices for more than two decades, has introduced Phoenix FirstWare AssistantTM, a new Phoenix Core Managed Environment (cME TM) certified application. Phoenix FirstWare Assistant, designed for mobile professionals, allows the users of Phoenix cME-enabled notebook and tablet PCs to instantly view their personal information manager (PIM) data from Microsoft® Outlook® without launching the operating system (OS). This application extends the family of Phoenix cME FirstWare products, enabling OEMs and systems builders to provide innovative "instant-on" applications for both their new and installed machines.

Phoenix FirstWare Assistant turns the mobile PC into a "read-only" PDA. Users of tablet PCs, notebooks and ultra-portables installed with Phoenix FirstWare Assistant simply push a button or hot key to instantly reach their Microsoft Outlook PIM data. This extension to Microsoft Outlook application provides the mobile user added convenience and simplicity during the work day, especially outside of the office, enhancing workforce productivity.

"We see tremendous potential for Phoenix FirstWare Assistant throughout our customer base and among users, especially in industries that have a large mobile workforce," said Timothy D. Eades, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Corporate Marketing and Products Division for Phoenix. "A number of our OEM customers are already bringing this solution to market because they understand its true value. OEMs and system builders can deploy Phoenix FirstWare Assistant in their new designs, as well as in their installed base of machines, creating a deeper source of revenue."

Phoenix FirstWare Assistant is specifically developed for mobile PCs, which are among the highest growth segments in the PC category. IDC estimates that worldwide shipments of notebook computers alone will grow from 36 million in 2003 to 43 million in 2004, and the firm expects tablet PCs to reach nearly 20 percent growth in 2004. By next year, more than 55 million workers in the U.S. alone will be mobile, a figure that is growing rapidly.

"Increasing the productivity of the workforce continues to be a major objective for corporations today, particularly in this challenging economy," said Tim Bajarin, President, Creative Strategies. "Phoenix Technologies' greatest strength lies in developing innovative productivity applications for connected digital devices, including mobile PCs. Phoenix FirstWare Assistant extends the company's reach into the rapidly growing mobile segment."

With Phoenix FirstWare Assistant, Phoenix continues its mission to build significant value into the core software architecture of digital devices. In turn, this enables original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and system builders to differentiate their machines, drive more revenue, and build stronger brand preference.

"Greater mobility and better communications are critical elements of normal business operations for our customers, especially in verticals like government and education," said Richard Schmit, CEO of Tulip International Distribution Holding, one of the first companies to adopt the software. "Phoenix FirstWare Assistant adds a new level of functionality to our mobile PC products. It also reinforces our reputation for creating user-friendly devices that leverage the latest innovative technologies for the mobile professional. In combination with our early adoption of the Phoenix cME platform, this further expands our relationship with Phoenix Technologies."

About Phoenix cME and Phoenix cME FirstBIOS
Phoenix Core Managed Environment (cME) FirstBIOS is the third generation of core system software that gives manufacturers improved performance and powerful security for their devices. It delivers the compatibility and functionality that allows them to customize their products to a wide range of designs while improving their time to market. Phoenix cME FirstBIOS is the foundation for Phoenix cME, an open software platform that enables the management and integration of functionality into the heart of digital devices. Applications and technologies such as utilities, productivity, security, and content delivery tools, can all be accessed independently and in support of the operating system from the cME platform. Both the cME platform and FirstBIOS solutions are available for PCs, servers, embedded systems and information appliances.

About Phoenix
Founded in 1979, Phoenix Technologies (NASDAQ: PTEC) helped launch the digital revolution when it created the industry's leading machine-independent BIOS software, which ships in more than 100 million new systems each year. Phoenix continues to leverage that core-level experience to develop many other vital solutions at multiple points in the foundation of PCs and other digital devices. Today, Phoenix solutions activate, secure, connect, and recover the world's best-known systems. These solutions operate from a Core Managed Environment (cME), where they're built in and protected from viruses, user errors, hackers, and corruption. Phoenix is headquartered in San Jose, Calif. USA (Silicon Valley), with offices in global business and technology centers. For more information about Phoenix Technologies, visit our Web site at

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