Measurement Computing Rolls Out PCI-CTR20HD Counter/Timer Board

9/8/2003 - Measurement Computing Corporation announced the release of the PCI-CTR20HD counter/timer board. The board is a 20-channel, up/down counter/timer board for PCI-bus computers. The board offers a unique blend of high density and high performance. The $499 list price makes the cost per counter less than $25.

The board is based on four CTS9513 counter/timer chips. Each 9513 provides five 16-bit counters. The 9513 is extremely powerful and flexible, and is software programmable for event counting, pulse width, and frequency measurement and generation. The 9513 can also generate complex duty cycle outputs in continuous and one-shot modes. Counters on the 9513 can be cascaded via software control, enabling 32-, 48-, 64- and 80-bit counters without requiring any hardware connections. User connections to the input, output, and gate of each counter are provided through a single high-density 100-pin connector.

The maximum allowable input frequency is 6.8 MHz, with a minimum pulse width of 70 nS. Software allows each counter to be connected to onboard 1-, 1.67-, 3.33- and 5-MHz clocks (1.67 and 3.33 MHz based on 33 MHz PCI clock) for time-base generation. The board also provides two user interrupt inputs.

The board is fully supported by LabVIEWTM, SoftWIRE®, Agilent VEETM, and MATLAB®. Users wishing to program in Visual Basic, C#, C++, or any other popular language can use Measurement Computingís powerful Universal Library (UL). UL speeds the programming task with high-level, easy-to-use functions but doesnít sacrifice the userís ability to access all the boardís functionality or to access low-level functions your application may require.

Measurement Computing Corporation is a market leader in the design and manufacture of computer-based test and measurement hardware and software. These products include analog and digital I/O boards, serial and GPIB interfaces for the PCI, ISA, cPCI, PCMCIA, and PC104 buses, as well as RS-232/485 serial interfaces. The privately owned company, founded in 1989, has more than 60 employees and markets its products worldwide through direct sales, a distribution network, and the worldwide web. Visit for more information.

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