TransDimension Achieves USB OTG Compliance with Controller

9/8/2003 - TransDimension announced that it has successfully completed compliance testing of its USB On-The-Go (OTG) controller, the OTG243, at the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) Workshop held in Milpitas, Calif. July 29 to August 1. The OTG243 is the world's first single-chip USB OTG controller to go to production, and represents the first silicon example of TransDimension's USB OTG IP core. Design wins for the controller include Qualcomm, Motorola and Samsung, enabling interconnectivity amongst a number of consumer electronics and mobile products.

The USB-IF Compliance Workshop provides a forum for the leading USB OTG integrators to meet and perform supervised testing of OTG dual-role devices against OTG electrical and protocol compliance programs. Designed to complement the specification and enable measurement of compliance in real products, the USB-IF has instituted a compliance program that provides rigorous measures of acceptability. Products that pass this level of acceptability are added to the Integrators List and have the right to license the USB-IF logo. TransDimension's controller not only passed testing, it is also used on the OTG Protocol Tester (OPT), by which all other controllers are measured.

TransDimension's OTG243 controller IC, utilizing full USB software stacks from SoftConnex, was connected to the compliance tester and was able to prove its ability to connect with other devices and successfully perform data transfers while maintaining all of the critical timing requirements necessary to achieve reliable interoperability.

"Our customers demand that our controllers meet the requirements of the compliance programs set up by the USB-IF in order to insure maximum interoperability with other USB products," said David Murray, vice president of marketing. "Our OTG controller has consistently displayed compliancy - in a variety of testing environments the OTG243 has performed perfectly. This stamp of approval validates our design and engineering efforts and proves our commitment to maintaining the highest level of quality for our products."

About TransDimension
Headquartered in Irvine, California, TransDimension is a privately held company founded in 1997 to develop and market connectivity solutions based primarily on embedded USB applications. TransDimension's product lines include integrated circuits, IP cores and USB-enabling software stacks that enable direct connectivity and I/O for a wide range of applications and mobile devices that until now have required an indirect means, such as a PC host, of exchanging data. SoftConnex, an independent subsidiary of TransDimension, delivers a complete software solution for USB, including the broadest OS and CPU platform support and the largest library of peripheral class drivers available. More information about TransDimension and SoftConnex can be found at and

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