CodeScape Includes Embedded Linux Kernel Tools in SuperH Toolset

9/8/2003 - CodeScape, the specialist embedded tools arm of Imagination Technologies plc, announced the availability of Linux kernel and OS aware application development and debugging tools in CodeScape 5 Professional, the latest release of the widely respected development toolset for SuperH microprocessors.

By now being Linux OS aware CodeScape 5 Professional enjoys a major leap in functionality to provide complete debugging of Linux application code running on embedded devices. CodeScape 5 Professional automatically downloads applications to the remote RAM disk, starts execution of the application, and then enables full source-level tracing and breakpointing. Applications execute as normal with full Virtual Memory support and CodeScape 5 Professional also allows independent debugging of the individual threads. All system calls are logged and Linux signals can be trapped by CodeScape to allow detailed monitoring of application activity.

For maximum system flexibility no hardware on the embedded device needs to be dedicated to debugging as the DASH Intelligent Development Interface connects to the SuperH processor via JTAG and all debugging and communications are performed via this high-speed on-chip debug interface. To further support deeply embedded processors, console output both during kernel boot and from applications (including command shells) can be redirected via the DASH and CodeScape 5 Professional has a built-in a VT100 compatible console window.

CodeScape 5 Professional also streamlines earlier stages of embedded Linux development by using the DASH to remotely initialise the target hardware (ROMless boot), rapidly downloading the kernel at up to 1Mbyte/s, and then enabling source-level debugging of the kernel itself.

Says Ian Oliver, VP of Development, CodeScape: "CodeScape and DASH have always provided the fastest way to get a Linux kernel working on an embedded device. CodeScape 5 Professional now provides an end-to-end solution by also allowing development of Linux applications from within the same feature-rich GUI environment. Developing embedded Linux software is now as easy as developing a desktop application."

Jon Frosdick, Director of Software at SuperH, Inc. comments: "Linux is a key technology for licensees of SuperH cores, and Codescape's end-to-end Linux solution delivers exactly the type of environment they need."

The Windows version of CodeScape 5 Professional is available immediately. The Linux hosted version will be released at the end of September 2003. Both versions support Linux kernel and application debugging on all SH-3 and SH-4 core variants. All CodeScape products are available from and distributors worldwide.

About Imagination Technologies
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About SuperH
SuperH, Inc., was established as an independent company in 2001 to develop processor cores for the open market. The high-performance, low-cost power efficient SH-4 core is targeted at the next generation digital consumer, automotive and telecommunications applications. Earlier this year SuperH released the SH5-100 series core expanding the portfolio of licensable IP offered by SuperH, Inc. In the future, SuperH, Inc. will develop all subsequent SuperH cores to the open market, including the development of the SH-6 and SH-7 cores. The SuperH family of high-performance 32-bit and 64-bit RISC-based processor cores is ideally suited for applications that require a highly integrated system-on-chip solution that includes a powerful embedded processing engine and can run a wide variety of application software on industry-standard operating systems and middleware. SuperH processors are used in many fields including digital consumer products such as set-top boxes, digital cameras and games platforms; factory automation systems; and car information systems. Further information about SuperH products can be found on

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