Myers Johnson, Centurion to Provide Cellular Antenna for the Impaired

9/8/2003 - Myers Johnson Inc., the developer of the Vortis Antenna for cellular phones and Centurion Wireless Technologies, Inc., the leading designer and manufacturer of antennas for wireless communications, announced a strategic alliance that will make cellular phones accessible to the hearing impaired. Centurion will manufacture Myers Johnson's Vortis antenna, an advanced array antenna that alleviates RF interference that people with hearing aids experience when using cellular phones. Centurion and Myers Johnson will work together in the sales and distribution of the antenna.

"The Vortis array, which can reduce signal strength toward the head and hearing aid by as much as 1000 times, improves a cellular phone's clarity and talk time in addition to benefiting users with hearing impairments," said Dr. Stephen Myers, CTO of Myers Johnson Inc. "The Vortis is one of the most efficient antennas on the market, offering nearly 40% more efficiency than competing methods and technologies."

The Vortis antenna technology utilizes a patented military and satellite technology called interferometry that enables more extensive coverage than omnidirectional antennas, whose signal can be absorbed by the head. The Vortis' array creates two signals out of phase that nullify the energy in the lateral near fields, or next to the head and hearing aid, and enhances signal strength in the longitudinal far fields to make stronger connections with cell sites. The null fills in the voids in the far fields to enable effective coverage.

In July, the FCC issued a Report and Order to the Cellular Telephone Industry requiring carriers and handset makers to produce at least 2 hearing aid compatible cellular phones for each air interface system, including CDMA, TDMA, and GSM, within two years. OEM's and carriers must continue this trend through 2008 for all cellular phones.

"We set out to deliver a solution to a problem that has lasted far too long," said James Johnson, President of Myers Johnson. "I'm grateful for their ruling, as I have seen the problem first hand with my mother who remains active, but was stifled by limited communication when using her cellular phone with her hearing aid."

"We're delighted to help bring the benefits of cellular phones to the more than 18 million users of hearing aids that exist world wide," said Steven Bowles, Sr. Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Centurion. "With Myers Johnson's technology and Centurion's global capabilities, we are poised to meet any wireless challenge that faces hearing aid users."

About Myers Johnson, Inc.
Myers Johnson, Inc. was formed with the commitment of improving telecommunications access for the hearing impaired. The company launched the pioneering antenna technology branded as the Vortis to meet the needs of the 18 million people worldwide who wear hearing aids and experience RF interference with cellular phones. The Vortis is designed and manufactured to reach ISO 9000 standards. Myers Johnson is headquartered in San Francisco, California.

About Centurion Wireless Technologies, Inc.
Centurion is the leading designer and manufacturer of antennas and power products for wireless communications. Industry leading manufacturers of automobiles, mobile phones, handheld devices, PDA's, and professional business radios have relied on the quality and reliability of Centurion's products for 25 years. Centurion offers in-house custom design, tooling, mold fitting and production to provide a complete turnkey solution to fit any customer-specific need. With six design centers around the globe, Centurion has one of the largest and most talented R&D teams in the industry. For more information, please visit

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