ProSyst Adds New Features to mBedded Server 5.2

9/5/2003 - Version 5.2 of ProSyst mBedded Server (mBS) is an open, modular, scalable, and Java-based service delivery platform. It is capable of interconnecting smart devices, providing and deploying services and information or entertainment content, and enables remote control, diagnostics, and maintenance.

The service platform is fully compliant with the latest OSGi Service Platform Release 3. It consists of an OSGi framework and a broad variety of commercial off-the-shelf service bundles, which can easily be added due to the modular architecture. Together with the recently released mPower Remote Manager and mBedded Builder, ProSyst offers a complete product portfolio for the design, development, and integration of a wide range of technologies into the OSGi Service Delivery Platform. This solution therefore resolves the life-cycle mismatch between devices and their software.

Some of the most important new mBS packages are:

MOST (Media Oriented Systems Transport) is a multimedia-oriented network optimized for applications running in a vehicle environment. The MOST Package provides OSGi wrappers of the QNX Neutrino MOST-stack and the Windows MOST-stack from OASIS SiliconSystems. In addition, the package includes a MOST CD-Player Demo.

Bluetooth is a standard for wireless connectivity of mobile computers, phones, or portable handheld devices providing Internet connectivity where applicable. The ProSyst Bluetooth Package delivers services for communication via Bluetooth to any OSGi-compliant framework.

CAN (Controller Area Network) is a serial communication bus for real-time control applications. It is widely accepted in many in-vehicle applications due to its low costs, high performance, and the availability of various CAN protocol implementations. The CAN Drivers Package provides access to the CAN network and supports NICAN and CANView controllers.

Mobile Media Package includes a media player, based on the Mobile Media Specification v1.0. Due to its small memory footprint and system requirements, it perfectly suits the requirements of embedded devices with limited resources, such as car audio/video systems and PDAs. The Mobile Media Player supports DIVX encoded video streams and is designed to work with J2ME CDC.

mBedded Server is available in three editions:

Infotainment/Telematics Edition: A reliable and stable platform incorporating all key features that streamline the service delivery process and enable interoperability within the in-vehicle network and its components for remote diagnostics and maintenance.

Smart Home Edition: Provides home appliance manufacturers and service providers with a reliable and platform-independent solution, which focuses on the key requirements for creating a networked smart home or building.

Mobile Device Edition: mBS provides flawless communication with home and vehicle networks and the external world by integrating the existing wireless technologies and device access protocols.

Recent successes include product launches with several white goods manufacturers and consumer electronics device companies. mBedded Server has already been deployed and integrated in intelligent buildings, and been chosen by many car manufacturers and first tier suppliers.

Thomas Hott, CEO Prosyst Software AG: "The new version of our mBedded Server incorporates many new features and packages that allow for an even faster, easier, and more secure integration into networks, gateways, and devices. Being compliant with OSGi Service Platform Release 3, it is the state-of-the-art OSGi service platform for dynamic service provisioning and remote management. The development tools make it an easy-to-use platform for developers and service providers - this will result in even greater customer satisfaction and new exciting services for the market."

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