CSR Bluetooth Included in Taiyo Yuden’s Embedded Serial Port Modules

9/5/2003 - CSR (Cambridge Silicon Radio) announced that its BlueCore solution will be incorporated into Taiyo Yuden’s latest Bluetooth embedded serial port modules. The EYMF2CAMM-XX and EYSF2CAXX-XX embedded serial port modules are aimed at industrial applications such as POS (point of sale), telemetry and factory automation and can be utilised simply for cable replacement. Enabled by CSR, the embedded serial port modules are available now via CSR’s dedicated support site for designers (www.btdesigner.com) or Taiyo Yuden’s distribution channels (http://www.ty-top.com).

Taiyo Yuden’s latest serial ports will enable point-to-point wireless connections between devices. The fully embedded SPP (Serial Port Profile) has been developed by Taiyo Yuden whilst CSR is providing Taiyo Yuden with full Bluetooth implementation which includes protocol stacks and user interface on its BlueCore, single-chip Bluetooth silicon. CSR’s fully integrated BlueCore solution has enabled Taiyo Yuden to integrate Bluetooth functionality quickly and easily into its custom embedded serial port modules.

CSR’s BTDesigner.com offers the largest selection of Bluetooth modules available today to provide the designer with an easy to implement solution to bring Bluetooth functionality to their products. Taiyo Yuden modules bring value to this selection by being the first qualified embedded modules available on BTDesigner.com.

Richard Fielding, UK general manager, Taiyo Yuden Europe, commented, “We believe that in order to make a product really work for the end user, it is imperative that all the design segments fit together flawlessly. CSR not only offers a robust and complete Bluetooth solution that satisfies the demands of the end user, but also integrates simply and seamlessly within our own hardware and custom embedded software allowing our engineers a clean design process.”

Designed specifically with industrial applications in mind, the serial port modules could be used in conjunction with a device such as a Bluetooth barcode reader. This would enable a user to scan cumbersome or bulky items that may otherwise have been difficult to scan with a wired device and input that data into a POS system Bluetooth-enabled by Taiyo Yuden’s CSR-powered module.

Clive Chelsom-Pill, commercial manager, CSR, added, “An industrial setting is more often than not one that entails bulky items, awkward positioning and certainly lots of hazardous wires. As such, we see wire replacement in the industrial sector being a key application for Bluetooth technology.”

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